(Real Case Study Lessons) Nutrition for better sleep, posture for heart rate problems, relaxation strategies at the gym and beyond


Today, while taking a cold, snowy hike I took time out to record a new episode of Core Wellness TV (below) to share 3 important lessons from this past week's patient (and online student) interactions.
MINDSET:  The first case study is a story of a woman who could not relax her muscles.  I share the strategy I gave her to use at the gym plus another simple trick you can use anytime, anywhere to calm your nervous system and release muscle tension.
MOVEMENT:  This story is an amazing example of how a German osteopath used the unique upper back posture techniques and rib cage positioning taught inside the Core Wellness Training Course to finally fix his severe abnormal heart rhythm issue when other techniques had failed.
NUTRITION:  This woman came in the office with foggy thinking, poor sleep, morning stiffness, and just "feeling old and stiff" in general.  You'll learn the simple diet changes and supplement strategies she used that has her thinking sharp, sleeping better, and feeling young again!
I love being able to share strategies inspired by real people with real challenges.  I hope you get some tangible benefit from today's episode!
Talk soon!
Dr. H
P.S.  I don't promote it strongly enough, but the comprehensive training course that helped my online student above fix his heart rate issue really can have profound effects and help you get rid of pain and fatigue by bringing you into what I call "Peace Physiology" instead of living life in "stress and protection" mode.
I would love to have you join the hundreds of students already on board and help you feel lighter, stronger, and younger.
It costs less than a 1 hour with me in person and contains my entire education and training program I use in my office that costs over $2000!
That's it…promoting is over 🙂 


  1. Great stuff as always. After getting rid of gluten and dairy in my diet I noticed a tremendous difference in my joint pain. Now it is gone!!! I thought I would be like my mom with arthritis and now I have hope that I don't have to repeat history. Thanks again Dr Steve!!!!

    • Thanks for bringing that up about your Mom, Nancy.  So many people think it's merely genetics and they have to repeat the problems of their parents.  The thoughts you think, the food you eat, and the movement you get make up the environment in which your DNA is immersed.  Your genes are expressed differently in different envronments.

      Keep immersing your genes is a healing environment and you unmask the healthy traits!

      Thanks for posting!


  2. I really enjoy your posts but find the sound very faint when they are filmed outside. I can't pump the sound up any higher on my iPad.

  3. Thank you for taking the time out of your walk to share your wisdom. Your course has been a catalyst for so much change in my life. It is such a relief to not be in pain all of the time. I ordered Magnesium Glycinate from Metagenics last night. I was looking forward to giving it a try as something that might help with my sleep. I anticipate healing rest, now even more after hearing about the success of your client. 


    • It works well for lots of folks, Carol.  Keep us posted on how you do.

      Thanks for the comment.  It's been a pleasure watching you progress in the course!


  4. Inspiring and packed with powerful info…thank you!! I am so grateful you touched on relaxing and calming the nervous system to release muscule tension, it reminded me again how much I battle with this and need to make a conscious effort to relax. After having been on Xanax for about 12 years my nervous system is needing to relearn how to properly function without it, but thats ok, because the important thing is I have been off of it for 2 yrs now…hallelujah! Point number 2 that you touched on is so powerful…my experience was very similar to the German osteopath that you mentioned. I was 26 with terrible heart palpitations, couldn't walk on the treadmill for even 5 minutes without almost collapsing, dr put me on a beta blocker, but with proper nutritional suppliments recommended by my chiro and him personally being my coach and walking me through a fitness program 3 times a week I didn't need the medication…glory!! Keep up the wonderful work Dr steve, because so many things you share I am a living testimony that it works and have even benefitted from so much!!

  5. Thanks for the great tips on generally feeling better and sleeping more soundly.  As someone who most often gets 3-4 hours sleep a night and can't function as well in the day in a stressful job, I will definitely be trying the magnesium before bed and cutting out the gluten.  Can't wait to feel more alert and less irritable! 

  6. Another great video!

    I've been gluten free for years and love the difference.

    Magnesium is such an amazing addition, I take some in the morning and have a cup of Natural Calm at night before going to bed. Magnesium oil or gel is also good topically for muscle cramps / charlie horses.

  7. I enjoyed listening to this.  It all makes perfect sense to me.   Muscle relaxing, especially in the shoulder and neck area just takes a conscious mental practice.   I'm trying real hard to get in a constant relaxing mode!!   Thanks!!

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