Core Training Secrets From Prague – Part One

After an amazing 3 day course in Phoenix learning from a core stability genius in Dr. Pavel Kolar from Prague, I can now definitely say that most classic exercises you do in gyms and fitness classes have it all wrong and are actually creating a lot of damage.

Over the next week I'll be releasing a series of videos that reveal the amazing new breakthrough concepts from Prague that are emerging to create a whole new paradigm of pain relief, fitness, rehabilitation, performance training, and of course, posture correction.

This series of videos comes from Piestewa Peak (formally Squaw Peak) in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.  Enjoy the scenery and the information and leave me any questions or comments!

What I reveal in this video is hard to believe unless you see and/or experience it first hand.  The idea seems mysterious but really it's very fundamental infant development!



  1. Dr. Steve,
    This is so exciting to see you recharged and eager to share some of the most cutting edge information on healthy posture and exercise with all of us! This concept has truly changed the quality of my life forever
    and for that I am so grateful! Keep it coming … I’m all ears!
    Sandy Smiley

    • It’s easy to get accustomed to the miraculous when you see and teach it everyday. The training just made me appreciate the power we have within us to heal ourselves even more! Thanks for the comment, Sandy.

  2. Dr. Steve,
    Thank you so much for sharing with the world your knowledge, your enthusiasm and your sincerity. You make such a difference in so many folks lives and that is what it is all about…yes?

    • You’re welcome, Linda! Yes…making some kind of difference, contributing to the evolution of humanity in some way, I believe, is what life is all about. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  3. Dr. Steve, I am very interested in hearing about the training you had and what you have to say about “classic exercise” and paradigm shift in training. Sounds like great stuff.

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