Changes at Core Wellness Institute And A NEW Hip Move That Stretches AND Strengthens

I've got a special "Q&A" Coaching edition of Core Wellness TV for you today with a new functional exercise that both improves flexibility AND strength and stability in your hips!
But first…as Neil Young's song (and album) goes…"Comes A Time"!
That's right, I'm kicking my premium coaching program up a notch at and things are changing.
Here's the  scoop…ON MIDNIGHT, THURSDAY, MARCH 20TH, I am removing the bonus 3 months of "Direct Access Coaching" where you can ask me individual questions in the comments section on the site and get private coaching over video Skype, audio Skype, or phone twice a month during open office hours.
In fact, after March 20th, the doors to enrollment will be completely closed as I improve the coaching program and change the pricing infrastructure.
So, if you want some guidance, support, and accountability to make mindset, movement, and nutrition changes so you can keep actively doing the things you love, AND be "grandfathered" in to the new and improved program, now is the time to enroll…
Because I'm DOUBLING the coaching program time to 6 MONTHS instead of the normal 3!  But you have to get ont the bus before Midnight on Thursday March 20th!
NOTE…If all you're interested in is the videos and PDF's to reverse crossed posture and NOT interested in mindset, nutrition, support, and accountability, then  please don't take this offer. You'll be better off if you wait till I re-open.
But if you want my individual help and want to learn from other people's questions as well, now you get 6 MONTHS of coaching ($582 value) 
If you recently enrolled, don't worry, I will take care of you, too!




  1. I always learn something new from your posts. Am I right in thinking that I will still have access to the online course materials and library that I paid for when I enrolled in the course previously? I don't seem to be using the personal coaching service, but I do go back over the video lessons. It's been a long road to recovery but all your tips have helped. I love your positive outlook and enthusiastic presentations.

  2. I am very excited, this is one of the few exercises I do not need to adapt because of my poor balance. I find it interesting that when I hip hinge, I have the balance to do this. I could see a lot of results from the work I did from the last episode. However, I needed to always hang on tight to something, and so once again found myself adapting. So cool to actually be able to do this. It is not easy for me and takes lots of concentration, but I think I am doing it correctly. Thank you so much. I also really like the image of the dragon tail. You had said to me before to imagine I had a tail, but my image was a small tail not a great big one. Changing that image changed the movement. I love it that you break down things until I understand them. Thank you so much for all you do.

  3. You are an awesome teacher Dr. Hoffman.  I will try this and i am sure it will help me with my tight pirofris

    muscle.   Thanks for sharing with all of us. Rita

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