How To Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain PLUS: New “Back to School” Software For Creating Healthy Habits

Woo Hoo!   Back to school! 

Time for some new software programs that create healthier habits!
But the software I'm talking about is totally FREE and created by YOU!

Consider this…all of your habits…the way you think, the way you move, the way you stand, the way you eat, the way you get ready for your day…they are all just PROGRAMS in your BRAIN! 


But here's the really cool (and empowering) thing These programs can be "written over" with better, more energy efficient, and healthier programs!

To tell you the truth, I'm using this "Back to School" time to get me out of my "summertime" schedule and back on the wagon with good thoughts, good movement, and good nutrition (I've gained almost 10lbs this summer with travel, vacation, and…uh hum…beer.  My German heritage sneaks in on me when I let my guard down 🙂

So in today's episode I share the 2 magic words that are most important when you are grooving a new software program into your brain.  It's pretty simple but it takes FOCUS.

Speaking of focus…I'm amazed that when I recorded this, I was not aware of the crickets chirping in the background.  (Although I was aware of the bird who was wanting to help.  So we orchestrated our voices at one point for emphasis!)

Not being aware of the crickets is a perfect example of how we can become desensitized to things that we are exposed to on a regular basis.  Our brain and central nervous system does this automatically because we have to be able to "dampen background noise" so we can put our focus and attention on what's most important.

The problem is this.  A LOT of the environmental input (our thoughts, nutrition, and movement) around us is DAMAGING to our health but we have simply become numb to it Yet there it is…day after day, sucking our energy and stressing our brain and body.

That's why, as I mentioned in the video, the first step is AWARENESS of what you want or more often…NEED to change!

In today's video I go into more depth on this AND give you a new software program for putting your mind in a place of peace and calm as well as a new "program" for a strain free way to reach / raise your arm. 

Rewiring this arm raising / reaching everyday is critical so you don't end up with neck and shoulder pain, shoulder tendonitis, impingement syndrome and a lot of other energy sucking conditions!

Enjoy and, as always, your comments and feedback
are always welcome and valued.  Just leave a reply below!



  1. Have you been reading my thoughts???? I have spent the last two weeks on the road and even though we managed to stay active hiking and biking I still managed to gain 3 pounds. A couple of days ago I checked in and tried to do the flow routine and found how much my core strength has slipped. I have been very mindful of my posture which is a positive but I must get back to building core strength!!!! Thank you for the reminders to help me continue to improve my physical as well as emotional well being!!! 

    • Yes, I have been reading your thoughts, Nancy.  Unfortunately, we can’t put exercise in the bank.  It must be a part of everyday…some way.  Glad you’re back on track now!


  2. Hi–thanks for creating your teaching videos–very positive and uplifting.

    This one, however, I really didn't understand what you were saying about the "pushaway point."  What do you mean pushing away from your support points?  The explanation was not clear. Thanks!

    • Hi Melynnique,  I have talked about it so often sometimes I forget people could be watching for the first time.

      “Pushing away” from support points or zones is all we did as a baby as we developed our upright posture.  So having the intention of pushing away from some of those same support points (elbows, base of thumb, inside of knees, all around the lower rib cage, etc.flips a switch that brings our nervous system and body back in time to different neurodevelopmental stages.

      Google “organic posture” and you will see a plethora of posts regarding the ideal of “pushing away” from support points.

      I appreciate you taking the time to ask the question.  We go more in-depth in our full coaching course about all these progressive concepts.



  3. Great, succinct piece, Dr Steve. I finally got support points in a new way. I think it was the movement to the side that dropped the shoulder that pulled it all together for me. And the emphasis on it being a moment-to-moment awareness thing – not once a day or week. Thanks so much! 

    • YES!!!  Moment to Moment is where it’s at, Paul!  It’s the fastest way to rewiring.  The INTENTION…and therefore the FEELING of expansion, growth, and renewal from moment to moment.  Life is an exercise.

  4. Thanks! I love the "put the shoulder blade in the back pocket" cue, – this image really gets things lined up quick.

    • Yes, you just have to always make sure you keep your ribs from flaring our in the front.  We don’t want any energy leaks or overloaded low backs! Glad you are getting benefit, Donna.


  5. Hi there Dr Steve,

    Just the little side comment about how you hold your head at the computer… that's the one time I almost always forget about my head. Weirdly, I sit up nicely now (when focussing), am conscious about mini breaks and having a stretch but I bet if someone took a sneaky video of me at my desk I'd find my chin poking or myself still leaning in to the screen. I already have a calendar reminder that goes off every 30 minutes for doing push away lunges and ladder stretches, I think I might need another to check my chin poke. People at work will wonder if I do any work – or just workouts! 😉

    The other thing I've noticed is when I start walking after sitting for a while that my upper body appears to drag the rest of me along. As soon as I am aware of this, my pubic bone starts to lead, ribs go down and I lengthen. One day that'll be how I start and finish! 

    Thanks for the video – always love them (and LOVED the sound of that beautiful bird!) Oh and didya see my email by any chance?

    Many blessings and good vibes to you 


    • Kristina, thanks for the reminder about "triggered" reminders.  They help a lot to keep things conscious.  The computer chin poke is definitely a big one.

      Constant awareness of your relationship with gravity is a worthy goal but it's also important to simply use awareness as an opportunity to return to center and not as an opportunity to struggle against the moment and judge yourself harshly…it's very easy to do.

      Blessings back at you!  Thanks again for your wonderful email. 

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful videos and helpful information! I always enjoy learning new things from you. I especially like the tip you gave on putting your shoulders in your back pocket. You always have something great to offer people!

    Thank you!


  7. I find it amazing that when I just lift my arm, there is no core involvment (just a little pain). When I breath and push away, the core automatically engages (no pain). Thank you so much for breaking everything down to small enough pieces I am able to understand, learn, and grow.

    Thank You!

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