“The Creep” New Neck and Shoulder Core Exercise For Better Posture, Less Pain, and More Energy – Plus Anti-Aging Garden Nutrition

Today I'm in the garden again with a 3 wheeled lawnmower and a cool "organic" way to create perfect posture in your neck and shoulders for less pain and more energy.
The exercise goes back to the way you "creeped" as an infant so it's pretty unique and it falls right in line with true, authentic, organic functional training.
I also share 2 great colorful foods picked straight from the garden that package up the sunshine and reverse inflammation and cellular aging process.
Enjoy and leave me any questions or comments below!



  1. Always enjoy how you can relate movements to everyday life, not just you must do this because…..

  2. Would this work if I put my elbows on my desk chair when I am working on the computer?  I think It would help keep the neck and head back..   I catch  myself moving  forward toward the screen  and then that causes head pain..  Just like you said..  Thanks for the new message.   

    • Absolutely Kathy! Push away from those elbows and allow your rib cage and your shoulder blades to find their lowest possible position. That will create automatic And organic good posture.

  3. This loads very slowly, but worth the wait!  I have pain inside the shoulder blade and I think that this will help me.  I don't think my problem is uncommon.  My posture was bad until a therapist told me to back up to a wall and make sure that my feet, butt and head were touching the  wall.  This gave me a reference point that I had not used before.  Your lessons have helped a lot too.  The muscles in my jaw, temples and sides of my skull would be sore from leaning forward.  Massaging would help, but the underlying problem was posture and shoulder position, so thank you for addressing that.  If you have something specific for the muscle inside the shoulder blade, please let me know.  Thank you!

    • Glad you're finding the information useful jean.  There are lots of causes for the deep shoulder blade pain you are describing. Sorry I can't give you a specific exercise. Be sure to do the exercises in the three series that you get when you sign up here on the blog.

  4. I am a 57 years old male with a pretty significant kyphosis in my upper back where the upper thoracic vertabrae meets the lower part of my cervical spine.  I have had this condition for as long as I can remember.  It causes a very pronounced forward head posture.  X-rays show calcification between the vertabrae.  Can corrective exercise offer any degree of relief?   Whatta ya think, Doc!



    • Yes Kevin I believe that pain and function can be improved dramatically and quickly when you focus on rewiring the software rather than focusing on hardware.

      The tissue can remodel at least to some degree over a period of months and years as you hold the new software program in your brain

      Chiropractic care and manual muscle therapy can aid the process tremendously.  Especially working on the sub occipital muscles and the thoracic spine vertebrae As well as opening up the chest muscles in the front

      • Thanks, Dr. Steve!  I'm ready to put max time and effort into correcting my posture.  It has been said:  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  I love your videos and I am grateful that I came across your site on You Tube.  Looking forward to working with you.


  5. Dr. Steve, I cringe when I see you mowing the lawn with bare feet. Keep safe and thanks for all your posts.

  6. I used this very concept last night while using the weed eater. I concentrated on having a strong core with my shoulder blades anchored down on the back. What a difference that made!  When I would start feeling tired or any strained feeling start creeping in I became aware of my posture corrected anything that was wrong including switching side as necessary and was able to continue working for 2 1/2 hours. This morning no soreness at all. Your course has helped me in so many ways I can't count them. Thanks for all of your great tips!!!! 

  7. Just this morning I was working the Sphinx position to strengthen that area between my shoulder blades. FYI, since becoming a member of your website 2 years ago, my posture has gone from very bad to proudly good from using your exercises combined with yoga classes. Right now, all the yoga teachers are emphasizing thoracic stretching and strengthening.  Also this morning, I laid over the edge of my bed and realized there is a lot of side stretching that could be done to regain any inches lost through bad posture and againg in general. Any thoughts about that? – Jackie Levy

    • Yes Jackie…making space between the ribs on the side will do wonders to allow a deeper, more relaxed and fulfilling (and oxygenating) breath.  The better your functional, diaphragmatic breath, the more elongation you can create in your spine.

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