How To Climb Stairs Without Making This Harmful Mistake

Today’s video brings to light something most people NEVER even consider when it comes to protecting and preserving you spine, hips, and knees from debilitating pain syndromes.

 This subtle little “movement pattern adjustment” will make a world of difference when you apply it to your stair climbing, ellipticals, and especially if you’re doing any kind of step aerobics!
Let’s face it…if you want to continue to soak up all the amazing things life has to offer, it’s going to be a HECK of a lot easier if you can bound up a flight of stairs!  While you’re at it…why not take TWO at a time!

You’ll also learn about the excellent self test called “reversability” taken from the infamous Moshe Feldenkrais. 

ENJOY and LEAVE ME A COMMENT telling me what other movements you’d like to see broken down and done in an efficient and strain free manner so you can start living life with more energy and less strain!


  1. Yes Hello Doctor,
    Can you please show us all the correct way to run on a treadmill.
    I always get butt and lower back pain after a workout!

    • OK..that’s the second request for a running biomechanics episode. Guess that means it will be forthcoming. I also have computer ergonomics and baby lifting to do. But keep the suggestions coming! Thanks Jogger.

  2. I will try to remember how to take stairs correctly. Loved the lesson. I was wondering what your take is on the shoes, stretchers and such that say you will improve muscle tone, etc just by wearing them. They are shaped like a rocking chair on the bottom.

    • Have not worn them, Becky. But I use rocker and wobble boards therapeutically in the office to improve central nervous system coordination, reaction time, and posture. So I understand their claims…BUT the best shoe is NO SHOE. Vibram barefoot shoes are likely optimum but minimal harm could be done by wearing the “rocker shoes” therapeutically. I’ll just have to try them. If you’ve used them let us know the results on this thread!

  3. Hi Dr. Hoffman, Your videos are helping me to relearn basic techniques that I did incorrectly for years. Bit by bit I am recovering from tight muscles that have crippled me. I am hoping that you will have a DVD available on all of this. Seems that my poor posture on the computer and in the car is giving me the most pain. Getting out of the car is agony. Thank you so much for the videos.

  4. Dear Dr. Hoffman,
    My boss would like to use your video on the correct way to climb stairs during one of our in house training programs because our bank just added a second floor of office space.
    Is there any way I could purchase a DVD video copy to show? Our employees do not have internet access at work because of security and I would like to show it to a large group if possible.

    Marsha Williams
    Westmoreland Federal Savings

  5. Found this on an old email I sent myself! Fantastic stuff! I do subtle physical therapy exercises every day and upper cervical chiropractic work. Both really help. I have had tremendous trouble going up subway stairs so I am going to try this. You make it look easy but after years of doing it the wrong way I know my body may give me a tough time! Thanks so much!!

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