squat tips

Key exercises for more resilience and confidence (plus mushrooms at the farrm)

I saw them emerge when I got down to their level. One appeared…then another…then another. The coveted morel mushroom. But I had be able to get up and down easily in order to see them under the may apples. Then it occurred to me that I should share some strategies with you for getting deeper into your squat and stronger…

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Save Your Knees With This Squat Tip

Knee Exercise – Save Your Knees with this Important Squat Tweak

Mini Case Study: Learn how to save your knees by correcting your posture and squat movement. Make your feet, hips, and core talk to each other!  Enjoy and please share! Click Here To Learn More About Core Wellness Institute Enrollment Mentioned In This Episode.

Squat tips and Earthing

Squat Exercise Tips with an “Earthing” Anti-Oxidant Twist!

Coming at you fully energized with this one today!  You just can’t help but be charged up when you’re teaching squat technique while soaking up the Earth’s negative electrons.   And in this instance, negative is a good thing 🙂 Get outside, move naturally, and live with meaning. Enjoy and leave your questions and comments below. 

Reverse CPS Now!

5 Moves in 5 Minutes To Keep You Young and Vital

[youtube]1xVAcSoJYBw[/youtube]     As you join me today for my morning movement ritual with the geese at Perrin Park, you'll discover the 5 moves I do when I didn't make time fdon't have time for anything else (although I didn't show sun salutations on this video, which I normally do as a warm up). I'm always amazed how just a few minutes of good…

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How To Avoid Back Pain With This Simple Squatting Tip

In this 2 minute 54 second video, you’ll discover the most important piece of advice I give that keeps the joints and discs of your back from getting “chewed up” by seemingly trivial everyday movements like the sitting down, getting in and out of cars, up and down off the toilet, moving a piece of furniture, and my own personal…

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