How To Avoid Back Pain With This Simple Squatting Tip

In this 2 minute 54 second video, you’ll discover the most important piece of advice I give that keeps the joints and discs of your back from getting “chewed up” by seemingly trivial everyday movements like the sitting down, getting in and out of cars, up and down off the toilet, moving a piece of furniture, and my own personal favorite…GARDENING!

Take this tip to heart and start rewiring strain free, efficient, and functional movement patterns so you can protect and preserve your spine.  And remember…you CAN “remodel” your posture and “rewire” your nervous system to create the pain free and energetic life you deserve!

Health is so simple.  It’s just all about removing the blockages that stand in the way of your perfectly designed system!  And the biggest blockage for most people is just a flat out lack of knowledge!

But it’s the Core Wellness Community mission to focus on “Education not Medication” so we can continue to build on the momentum of the shifting consciousness toward a “real” health care system instead of our current failing “sickness care” system! 

It’s really is happening…can you feel it?

I’ll be back soon with a new post.  

Dr. Hoffman

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