The Biggest Posture Correction Mistake I See (and the correction that works immediately!)

The Push Away Posture TechniqueIf it wears your back out when you try to sit up with good posture, you're likely making the same mistake that I observe in 99% of my students, clients, and patients.

When you hear "SIT UP STRAIGHT!"…what do YOU do?

You probably throw your shoulders back, lift you chest, and raise your chin a little, right?  It's like the military "chest up" scenario.

Well, there's a better way.  And in today's short and sweet episode of Core Wellness TV, I very simply demonstrate the correct way that can help you sit all day long in good posture and never wear out!

The reason I KNOW this is the most effective way is because it mimics the grand design and the perfect unfoldment of human verticalization.

This is also a very abbreviated explanation.  We go much deeper in the Organic Posture Course.

After you watch the video, let me know if this makes sense to you and leave any other comments or questions you have!



  1. Thank you so much for providing this website.  I have found immediate relief for my lower back pain just by watching and implementing your posture suggestions.  I will use your video suggestions to do my "stretching" from now on. Thank you, sincerely!!!

  2. Hello Dr. Steve,
    Another good video! I think when an idea is simple or complex, hearing it, seeing it and doing it over and over again helps me retain it. You've told me, showed me and had me do it before but I wonder off the path and you pull me back on course. Thanks for keeping us all on the path to Wellness.

  3. Hi there Dr. H.! Thanks for the timely reminder. Spring is just around the corner and it will soon be time for many of us to spring clean. I do a great deal of standing throughout the day and it is good to be reminded of the correct way to stand and breathe. There are times when I feel I have something not quite right when I am doing hall duty and a quick check to see what my posture looks like is a dead giveaway as to the problem. I feel so much better with a deep breath and a reset of my posture that sometimes I do it a couple of times before I go in to start  a class.

  4. I ENJOY your material.
    what can you suggest for a plane ride – tran-atlantic. I came off the last flight with tingling in my lowerback and thighs.

  5. Hi Steve 
    You will never know how grateful I am to finding your website and understanding how imperial core health is . I was diagnosed with tmj and suffered with migraines regularly even after being fitted with a plate ! I was even told that anti depressants help in pain management ! I always felt that a lot of my pain was from the shoulder and neck area and I am stunned at how REGULAR stretching and posture has made a tremendous difference . I wish you and your wife all the best in life and thank you do very much ;)))

    • You said and capitalized the magic word, Christina…REGULAR! I’m thrilled to hear you’re improving. The TMJ and the neck and shoulder muscles are on the same “circuit” so affecting one affects the other. Keep it up!

    • You’re right and that’s why people resonate with this technique. It’s inborn. It’s just about reawakening your natural perfect state.

  6. Thanks again Dr Steve for another helpful reminder….. you explain the physical so well… bit like tai chi in the grounding… all the best

  7. Dr. Steve, your videos are so helpful and logical. Push away posture clicked with me and I forwarded to friends. Thank you so much. I look forward to your e-mails. You are the best!

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