The Key To A Healthy Brain (Lessons from Soil)

Diversity Rules

Diversity Rules (Video episode is below.)

Here’s the thing…your brain has a function that tries to keep you from doing new things that don’t jive with your current “wiring” or beliefs. 

(That’s why you get uncomfortable when you are stepping into new territory or learning a new skill.  It’s called “cognitive dissonance”)

But always staying inside your “comfort zone”, is one sure way to shrivel your neurological machinery.

So what’s the secret to keeping your brain sharp?

One of the most important ways to keep your brain growing and expanding (and not shrinking like in Alzheimers) is…drumroll please…

Learning lots of NEW and DIFFERENT things!

In other words, for your brain to be healthy, it needs DIVERSITY!!!

Now, you may know that we are in the process of regenerating about 15 acres of depleted cropland on our new farm.

And it’s become abundantly clear to me that the soil and our bodymind need pretty much exactly the same thing to grow and thrive…


Listen…nature cannot stand “sameness”.  That’s why a huge, unnatural crop of the same plant (corn, beans, wheat, etc) will always get attacked by something.

Pests, weeds, fungus, etc. will come in and create a “crisis” so we have to depend on a chemical to come in and “save the day”.  (Sound familiar?  Conventional medicine = chemicals for crisis care.  But we are going to focus on the positive, OK? 🙂

Bottom line…that’s not sustainable.  It’s degenerative!

So the first step in RE-generation is DIVERSITY.

That’s the main theme in this episode of Core Wellness TV.

Come with us as my son and nephew do our first ever soil test (Haney Test from Ward Labs), and talk about the ways we can focus on regenerating the soil of our earth as well as the soil of our bodymind.

A few obligatory teasers…

  • “Stuff pops up, out of the poop” theatrical debut at 8:55
  • Wildlife diversity at 9:28.
  • Come along for a quick tour of spring #1 and the waterfall.
  • Lastly…stick around till the end to see who else is on the farm with us 🙂



  1. Hey, Dr. Steve
    Really enjoyed to see what you are doing on the farm.
    The outdoors will heal and inspire you like nothing else.
    Since retiring from the PD after 32 years and 5 months my life has diversified
    in many ways. Way too many to explain
    I am outside more than inside and my stress level is normal.
    (I worry about keeping minnows alive until I go fishing again.)
    I have lost weight because I’m not constantly eating on the go and enjoying what I eat. Lol
    Please keep up the wonderful work and videos.
    Oh, fishing is good for your soul too.
    Later, and Be Well,
    Chuck Adams

  2. Your enthusiasm is inspiring.
    Nature is our greatest teacher, we all need to listen and learn from her.
    Dr. Steve, you inspire us to keep listening and learning.
    Keep growing! 😀

  3. Thank you for a lovely reminder of our need to step away from our technologicallly-infused world and return to who we are. Your simple but enthusiastic video inspired me on many levels. And I loved walking, even virtually, on Indiana land in late fall. Thank you!

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