Ultimate Test For Your True Core, Blocking Pain With Your Brain, and Herbal Aspirin

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Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:


“The Drug Cabinet In The Brain” Video by David Butler P.T. on the power of your brain to send out morphine like pain killers




Inflavonoid Intensive Care – combination of Ayurvedic herbs and vitamins designed to reduce inflammation (available through the online store HERE





Reverse CPS Now! Free Video Series to test your core and detect and eliminate Crossed Posture Syndrome




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  1. Dear Dr, Steve,

    First I want to thank you for the compassion, you show your viewers. You seem to genuinely care about patient health and want to share your knowledge with us, educating in stead of just making money.

    When I was a teen I was a chronic but cute couch potato. At 50 yrs, one of my favorite past times, is still watching tv. With age though I have wisdom and certainly see the value of movement that I did not believe in my earlier life. Years of CPS has taken its toll and I was diagnosed with a label; Cervical Stenosis. I have been over weight and have always dealt with very large breasts most of my life.

    I decided, rather than jump into corrective surgery (Cervical Laminectomy), I would instead get my posture under control. First I had a breast reduction. Now, post op one year, I am correcting my posture by following your advice. I would like to share my experience with you and your viewers.

    My doctor has in the past prescribed all of the usual drugs and treatments and nothing really helping long term. So, I am actively, every day being more mindful of my body by checking and changing my posture.

    First I simply drop my shoulders down. When I do this my head pulls back, my rib cage opens pushing my smaller breasts up and out (which delights me). More importantly, I extend my abdomen (I let my gut hang) , then my pelvis tips back and my hips come forward. I know this because I fell the the tightness in my hips immediately. If I don’t let that belly go! I feel myself struggle to hold those shoulders down! Feeling my gut hang just gives me the feeling of laziness or being unkempt. I have to get past this feeling by positive feedback, telling myself that the belly will have to go and a promise to myself that the next step is working on my lower tummy muscles or core strengthening. I never realized how many muscles I have been donating, in an effort to stabilize the gut, causing my whole core to hunch over into that classic CPS posture!

    For the last 2 weeks. I have been very mindful of the shoulders and belly. Now I feel muscle groups being turned on or activated. I am noticing that after this short time, I am able to be less diligent about dropping those shoulders, because I am starting to experience some muscle memory. I caught my self in the corrected posture with out being mindful!, although I still catch myself in the old familiar CPS posture too! The tightness in my hips is not as intense now and and my belly feel more natural as well.

    I am starting to feel a bit better in a short time and I am considering the anti-inflammatory supplement you suggest.

    I want to correct the CPS so to hopefully stop the progression of narrowing in my spine, but would like to hear what your suggests might be. I had a surgeon tell me that surgery is inevitable. Do you agree?

    Washington State

    • Karen, I'm glad you're resonating with the training!  If you can restore muscle balance and core stability around your neck (yes, the deep core stabilizing system is there, too), then as long as you restore function and reduce pain, I believe it is possible to avoid surgery.

      It sounds like you're willing to do the work.  I have a full course and direct coaching opportunity here if you're interested in my individualized help.

      Thanks for sharing, Karen!


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