The ULTIMATE Back Brace! (great for pain relief and posture correction)


This really is the ultimate brace…

The great thing about this brace is that you don’t have to buy anything or figure out how to hide something hot and uncomfortable thing under your clothes.

In this episode of Core Wellness TV, I show you exactly how to create this internal brace.

In addition, I show you 2 key exercises that can make you instantly feel less pain (definitely in your back and maybe even your shoulders) along with a stronger awareness of your core.

I also share my answer to the question “What exactly IS ‘the core’ anyway”?

It’s a game changer when you really get this!

Please take action on this one and please share it as well. I really appreciate it.

Talk soon,

Dr. Steve

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The Ultimate Back Brace




  1. Thank you! What a timely reminder for me. I agree with your suggestion of these exercises along with a bodyworker. The benefits of both are amazing.

  2. Thank you for the reminders on what I need to do to strengthen my core. I hope doing these again helps me to stand longer without distress and walk better and without a strange gait. I seem to slow down the more I try to hurry.

  3. Thank you for the very clear explanations. I am unable to keep my shoulders flat on the floor and have to be very conscious not to let my back to lose contact with the floor …..

    • You’re not alone, Annmarie.

      Start by focusing on making the connection…even if you have to put a small towel or pillow under your back support zone.

  4. Hi Steve

    There is absolutely no way I can do snow angels or even get anywhere near putting my hands over my head lying down without injury. I am 77 (not unfit) and have been thwarted in this ability for about 20 yrs. Remedial stretching/exercise over the years has only exacerbated the problem. When I see demonstrations of arms over head and snow angels as if it is a given I am immediately turned off. (I couldn’t achieve anything like this with all the arching of the back you could imagine. I could not contemplate trying your course however well structured – given my age and starting point – I think the mountain to climb would be too much. When you bring out a course for the elderly and decrepit please let me know! I do find your concept involving the nervous system interesting.

    Meanwhile I am trying Fluid Isometrics (Deanna Hansen) and may be in time this might be a ‘jumping off point’ to go in deeper into postural rehabilitation.


  5. Thanks Dr Steve,
    Being older and initially unable to do snow angels and many of the exercises included in the course I am so glad I stuck with it and continued with all of the small steps to finally achieve back pain relief. I couldn’t complete all of the moves at the beginning but with repeated practice the exercises became more fluid and my mobility increased. The most important thing for me was to work completely through the program and put all of the movements together to make sure I was moving correctly. In the beginning I thought it was never going to work and that there was something defective with me…. through the mindset and nutrition I learned that it isn’t only the physical part but every aspect of our being… the thinking good positive thoughts…. the eating the best possible nutrition for us and supplementing if we need to…. The course has been a life saver for me and I hope to continue my life with a renewed ability and enthusiasm for being active that I learned was possible through your core wellness program.
    Thank you again!

  6. Thanks Dr. Steve for continually providing excellent content.

    Chest tightness! That’s where I feel it. Also, lat tightness. If I stretch out my lats then I can much more effectively perform the exercise you show in the video.

    I love your advice on having bodywork done. I first received a productive myofascial release massage about a year ago. I have mentioned this before in a comment section, but the release was very profound and very emotional.

    I have learned that the tightness in my neck and shoulders are very linked to my habitual stressful thought patterns. Just as you drill into your viewers and course students, the mind-body is all connected and really all the same. Your body reflects your emotions and has an amazing capacity to “store” trauma and negative emotion. Advancing my emotional intelligence has been a significant catalyst in advancing my posture intelligence.

    Just becoming AWARE of exactly what emotion I am feeling and where I am feeling it in my body, has been a big step for me. Performing self-massage on my sternocleidomastoid (SCM) and pec is an powerful step in bringing me out of anger, a shame, or other stressful moments.

    So, I now have a massage therapist and a physical therapist that both specialize in myofascial shoulder release. Just as you said, I encourage everyone to seek out and involve therapists in their life that can help them get through shoulder work. GET THIS DONE. Over time, adhesion form that have to be worked through and broken up. In my experience, traditional stretching and massage aren’t aimed at breaking up these adhesion. You want to find therapists that specialize in myofascial release (MFR) techniques.

    Also, if someone has neck/shoulder tightness, then they surely have corresponding hip tightness that needs to be worked through. Not to get too off topic, but as you cover in detail in your course, all this tightness could be translating from foot weakness.

    Your videos and course are some of the most valuable content that I consume. The concepts and techniques that you teach are precious jewels for the journey of self improvement. Thank you again for another great video.


  7. Thank you Dr. Steve. This was so helpful. Seeing you turn to the side and show us what our natural tendencies may be definitely made me realize some of the patterns I have.

    Is it normal for some of these back muscles that have not been used in quite a long time due to poor posture cramp up? This happens to me and I find it hard to maintain proper posture for longer than a few minutes.

    Again, appreciate how much time and energy you put into this program.

    Debbie Walker

    • Certainly when you start using different muscles they will let you know it at first. But correcting posture should not cause hurting and cramping.

      Using the simple “Rib cage down” in the lowest expiratory position will make it feel less stressful and natural.

  8. Dear Dr. Steve,

    This was I think the best of your videos. I am an active athlete and I applyed the core breathing while being tall very successfully last season. This resulted in much better performances and better feel while running which was even more important for me. It worked very well especially when combined with as you say reprograming the movement program in my brain which I achieved by imagining my postures, moves etc…for me the problem is that it took me enourmous “effort” and time I cannot dedicate to the body renewal program now. On the other hand you can apply this everywhere you are, while waiting for a tram, underground anywhere but you must have 100% focus to be able to imagine the posture the breathing the motion you want to get into. This is unfortunately hard to do in this world especially when your job gets stressfull and you live in a busy city.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for what you are doing. Poeple can really decrease the intensity of the cps dong this.

    Kind regards


  9. Hi Steve, I want to purchase your programme. The problem is I have a nerve trapped at s1/l5 and a shrunken disc.
    It was caused by a cowboy physio pushing my knee up by my ear constantly till disc herniated.
    Your knowledge and training are truly superb. I am 6.4 and at the worst ranges of movement. Would your programme heal or untrap the nerve.? I will still guide many people to you as you are the real McCoy.

    • Can’t say for sure that it will “untrap” or heal a nerve.

      What it will do is teach you strain free movement patterns, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and mind/body strategies for healing.

      It is designed to help ‘make space” or “decompress” your spine so it could help a lot.

      If your disc issue is truly at the root of the pain, then I would seek a DC or PT who uses Mckenzie technique while you are learning the course material.

  10. hello dr steve thank you again for another great video, i was wondering if you could help me out, for the past two months ive been anchoring my shoulders to my core and driving my elbows to the floor, but i foolishly only did it to one side, my right shoulder, now the right side of my neck and trap is always stiff and my neck feels out of place, i went to a physiotherapist but they did not help me, what should i do dr steve, should i go to a chiropractor, or should i find a upper cervical specialist, regardless, thank you again for another wonderfull video, they really helped me in the past, thank you dr steve

    • John, find a good chiropractor. If you can find one who does manual tissue work like active release technique, Graston, or something similar to address muscular trigger points and fascia…all the better. Good luck, John!

  11. Hi Dr. Steve,
    I have herniated my L5 S1 disc during the summer of 2012. I was approved and called upon for surgery. After doing some rigorous research, I decline the surgery and decided to let my body try to heal naturally. I did do physio for about a year, massage, one session of acupuncture. As well, I practice yoga. My body has managed to heal fairly well. However, lately I have been experienced incredibly stiffness and aching upon walking up in morning and more sciatic pain. I appreciate your holistic methodology and attention to core strength. I lost a great deal of core strength during the first year of recovery. As well as flexibility. Any suggestions for more restful pain free sleep time would be graciously appreciated. As well as specific core strengthening in light of this injury. I am a middle aged female.
    Thanks in advance,

  12. Dr. Steve,

    I work in a warehouse and routinely find myself moving items greater than 50 pounds. Before I began using intra-abdominal pressure I was consistently worried about fatiguing my muscles. Now I can stand for long periods and maintain proper posture. People that knew me before I went into that warehouse ask what exercises I did, and how I’ve gotten so much bigger, the only thing I really do are the proper pushup you taught us and I do that when I wake up. However I am keenly aware of my core now. Thanks very much and please keep up the great work.


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