Acute Injury Protocol For Warp Speed Healing After Traumatic Injury

No it's not me but it's how I fell.


2 weeks ago today I took a pretty serious spill on my mountain bike that put me in a sling for 4 days with an acromioclavicular (shoulder) injury.

So I am VERY grateful for the knowledge I have about how to speed the healing and repair process immensely and I wanted to share it with you.

The video I recorded for you (below) outlines the 3 key elements plus some other nutritional products I’m currently using to re-build QUALITY tissue.

Below are the supplements I use on myself and on my patients with acute injuries for “warp speed healing”: 

1.  Proteolytic Enzymes  (Wobenzyme or Zy-Wobin Forte) –  You take these enzymes on an empty stomach.  They speed the healing process immensely and are especially important in the inflammatory stage (first 72 hours).  The enzymes “drain the inflammation bucket”.

You’ll be amazed at how fast bruises and swelling subside.

2. “Herbal Aspirin” (Inflavonoid Intensive Care) – These powerful herbal anti-inflammatory herbs and bioflavonoids at to “turn down the faucet” on the amount of inflammation that gets created and “dumped into the bucket”.

  • Features an extract of boswellia, as well as turmeric and ginger—all premium quality and standardized to key compounds to ensure effectiveness, reproducibility, and consistent results.
  • Provides cayenne, an herb that has long been prized for its many health benefits such as the relief of minor pain, which complements the activity of the other herbs.*
  • Offers added antioxidant support from quercetin.*
  • Provides excellent muscle tissue support and relief of minor pain following intense exercise or “weekend warrior” activities.*

(*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

This injury also really got me thinking about what would happen if I couldn’t perform manual work anymore.

It was just the kick in the seat of the pants I needed to get more serious about continuing to add content and new coaching opportunities inside the Core Wellness Institute.

Save the link to this blog post in case you or someone you know needs some warp speed healing!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  This protocol can save you years of distress because it drastically reduces scar tissue as your body goes into the repair and tissue remodeling phase.


  1. Hi Steve =)  Thank you for this interesting post.  What advice would you give for healing an old longitudinal split tear involving the pectoralis minor muscle with some atrophy noted inferiorly near the rib cage.  No current edema is identified to suggest a more acute injury.  The pectoralis major muscle is unremarkable.  This was the conclusion of an MRI this week.  Consulting with MD on Friday and would appreciate your perspective if you have any.  It is clear the advice in this post is for the acute period and it has been at least 2 years since the Mtn bike tumble.

    • Hey Janice, I’ll definitely need some more background before I say how to proceed with optimal healing. Since you are a Core Wellness Institute course student and you still have a consult coming to you from being part of our trial group, shoot me an email and we’ll chat on the phone or Skype after your consult with the MD.

      Protocol will depending on the severity of the tear and the of disability you’re dealing with. There will have been an obvious attempt at healing by your body with scar tissue that will affect muscle function. Might need to have manual therapy to break up old adhesions then use enzymes and other supplemenets mentioned on this post to optimize tissue quality while it reorganizes and remodels.

      But we’ll talk more about that. Darn mountain bikes. But you gotta love em.

  2. Hi Dr. Steve,
    Glad to hear that you are ok after your spill. Your advice for repair will be well utilised by myself and my friends. Although I'd hate to see you unable to manually treat your patients their loss would be overcome by the multitudes of people that you could reach with your CPS and CoreWellness courses on line. Not to mention the injuries that you could help people prevent! I'm presently in the middle of the CPS course and it is amazing. Already my balance has improved 100%. The course makes so much sense and it  is actually very fun to do. Cheers, Sue.

    • That’s AWESOME, Sue! You’re exactly right about being able to help thousands (millions?)l with the Reverse CPS Now! course.

      Rebecca and I are gearing up for a much bigger commitment to the online training. Honestly…the fall scared me quite a bit and made me really re-think my livelihood and how I can best serve.

      More people need to move in an efficient and strain free way that, as you eloquently said, “makes sense and is fun to do”!

      See you inside the course!


  3. Dr. Steve, I agree mountain biking is GREAT fun! When my big brother and I get together we rate our ride by blood stains. But of all the things you've taught me, the powerful healing effects of enzymes ranks way up there. I remember skimming a very technical book on Enzymes and it was fascinating how crucial they are to life. Again its ice for the first 72 hours and then alternating ice and heat thereafter? Finally, I've often wondered who my chiropractor's chiropractor is, now we know.

    • Definitely ice, ice, ice the first 72 hours, Tim. I like to favor ice over heat in general for acute injuries for up to a few weeks.

      “Older” and chronic issues will respond better to the alternating heat/ice in my experience.

  4. Hello Dr. Steve:

    The Collagenics “Intensive Care” product does not seem to be available on the Metagenics website. They do show a product called Collagenics.

    Have they discontinued the former and/or is the latter just as good? Is there a replacement Metagenics product which has taken its place by another name?

    Many thanks,

    Richard Henderson
    Philadelphia, PA

    • Looks like they have discontinued the intensive care formula, Richard. The regular collagenics is a great product with everything you need to support optimal soft tissue formation.

  5. Dr Steve,
    I broke my kneecap last summer and from pulling on the crutches to get up, I “wore” ou t my rotator cuff tendons. MRI show thinned tendons. My Orthopaedic surgeon says there’s nothing he can do. The knee healed up fine but the shoulders hurt all the time. I did PRP injections about a month ago but no relief yet. Any suggestons?
    Thank you very much!


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