Natural Solutions For ADHD And Inspiration From Mom

Today I got an email from a private client asking me if I had any information about natural ADHD solutions she could share with a friend that was considering putting her child on medication.

So I clipped this piece of nutrition and lifestyle coaching from a Q&A session I did as part of a coaching program last year.

But for today you’ll learn some key nutrients and therapeutic lifestyle change solutions for brain health, and especially for ADHD.

I cover a lot of controversial ground on this one so be sure to leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Keep thinking good thoughts, eating good food, and please KEEP MOVING…like a child.

Dr. Steve

P.S.  Today marks a year to the day that my Mom passed.  So in the spirit of my biggest cheerleader and supporter, I want to tell you that you can do ANYTHING when you focus on immersing yourself in a healing environment each moment.

Then your next moment becomes better, then the next moment even better than that!

And THIS MOMENT is all there is.

Remember…Your past does not define you.  It is only a memory in your mind.  It can be released in this moment.  Then your body, without the thoughts of guilt, worry, shame, anger, and fear can express your innate state of health and vitality.

There is no past to feel guilty about and and no future to worry about…we only have THIS MOMENT.  And we can choose peace.

So focus on something that makes you happy and fulfilled.  Make amends.  And see only the innocence and beauty in everyone you meet.

Thanks Mom.  You still continue to be my teacher.

I love you.


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