On The Road with Core Wellness TV: Resilient Living and Permaculture School at Ashevillage in Asheville, NC

ashevillage inteview with Janell Kapoor

Janell Kapoor talks earthing, permaculture, and resilient living (interview above)

Today I want to share with you a MAJOR Core Belief of the Core Wellness Institute…

If there’s ONE thing you need to understand and take to heart about posture, health, and wellness…it’s this.
Ideal posture and ideal health are natural.  
At least they should be.
But we do our best to try to make nature conform to our artificial lifestyles, don’t we?
Flat sidewalks, artificial light all through the night, virtual play while we sit in a chair,  breathing recycled indoor air, eating food with chemicals, dyes, and preservatives, poking our heads forward at small (and really BIG) screens…you get the picture 🙂 
My belief is this.  And it’s very important to me, and it should be important to you…
When you get back in rhythm with natural ways…
  • You’ll have less pain.  
  • You’ll have more energy.  
  • You’ll look and feel younger.  
  • And you’ll be able to live a fuller, more meaningful life!

That’s why I always use phrases like “push away from support points” and “organic posture“.

Push Away Phenomenon

Push Away Phenomenon for ideal “organic posture”

Because just the intention of “pushing away” reflexively re-awakens the same brain pathways you used as a child to become upright…organically!  
Those pathways of growth and renewal are still in there…you’ve just covered them up like clouds covering up the sun!
So what other “organic” things can you do to improve your health and get back in sync with nature and remove those clouds? 
  • Natural is Beautiful (and delicious!) See Ashevillage interview above.

    Natural is Beautiful (and delicious!) See Ashevillage interview above.

    How about getting your bare feet on the ground?  It reduces stress hormones, takes tension out of muscles, and gives you negative electrons from the earth that quench free radicals.

  • What about more green food?  It calms the nervous system, lowers inflammation, and slows the aging process.
  • How about some sunshine?  That’s where vitamin D and ALL energy comes from…you know?
  • What if you actually grew a plant?  And ATE it!
This is “back to basics” stuff, isn’t it?
But like I said…these basics get lost when we give in to the artificial ways of modern living.  And our natural energy, good health, and vitality get lost along with it.
That’s why I’m so grateful for new education programs that are popping up all over the world that are going back to the basics and teaching skills that help you get back in touch with your true nature and true health.
And on our recent trip through North Carolina to share the message of Core Wellness on the road, we stopped and had an awesome Core Wellness TV interview with Janell and Kate at Ashevillage Sanctuary and Institute in Asheville.
They are ALL about getting people back in touch and back in harmony with natural ways with their Permaculture School, Resilient Living School, and lots of other specialty classes and workshops.
I hope you take the time to watch and get inspired to get back to your natural state 🙂
If nothing else, check it purely for the BEAUTY of the place.  There’s a lot of it.
Dr. Steve
P.S.  We had a blast on this road trip and will be doing more of these adventures where I can do individual consulting, group training events, and interview “change makers” along the way. 
If you have a forward thinking business, unique platform, blog, podcast, or organization that focuses on one or all of the “3 Pillars” of Core Wellness, (Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition) I would love to hear from you.
Maybe we can plan our next adventure around a workshop for your people and / or an interview with YOU!  (We can also do a Skype interview if the location doesn’t work out for our travels.) 
I just want to keep reaching out and using Core Wellness TV as a media outlet to spread the message of health, wellness, and sustainability!
So if it feels right, send me an email at [email protected] and we can partner up to change the world!
P.P.S.  Yes, as I mentioned in my last episode of Core Wellness TV, a price increase for our online Core Wellness Training Course and Coaching Program is right around the corner.
I’ll be making the official announcement soon.  So if you want to get in at the current price, you can learn more about enrollment HERE


  1. It looks like you and your family are having a wonderful time. I am so excited to be privileged to experience through technology the beginnings of the fulfillment of your vision to travel with Core Wellness TV and spread the word in person. If is so uplifting to learn about little corners of our world where life is thriving. It was a very uplifting video. Thank you.

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