[Case Study] Low back pain relief, better mood, and no more irritable bowel

Watch out what you say to yourself…you’re brain is listening.

That’s the first important piece I share in today’s case study about a recent patient, a real person we’ll call “Jane” who walked in to my office the first day crying, distraught and proclaiming herself as a “wreck”.

We were not going to get anywhere as long as she believed she was a “wreck”!

So we started with the way she talked to herself (and about herself to others), addressed her core movement and stability, and gave her a simple but extremely effective nutrition program to restore her gut and balance her hormones.

Jane is now a completely different person.

From frazzled and yelling at her kids, with a bad back ache and headaches, and going 3 or more days at a time without a bowel movement…to a “calm mom” with less back pain, no headaches, and DAILY normal bowel movements!

It’s the result of a “3 Pillars” approach.  A must for the best possible health outcomes.

Enjoy today’s case study with tips for changing toxic thought patterns, re-booting your core stability system for less pain, getting rid of irritable bowel, and balancing your hormones!

And if you need help with pain relief, gut health, or hormone balance like Jane but don’t want the cost and time of travel, you can join hundreds of other students inside the Core Wellness Institute!

For less than one hour with me in person, you get my entire training and education system plus direct access to get my personalized advice for your own individual issues.

And I say in the video, even if you don’t enroll in the CWI program, please don’t just settle for drugs that mask symptoms.

Find a holistic, integrative practitioner that will help you and actually TEACH you how you can get to the core of your health problems!

Deal?  OK…good.

Now start thinking good thoughts, eating good food, and please KEEP MOVING!



  1. Thanks for the great info! Nice reminders for where I am right now!!! So glad to have it reinforced at times!!! I am very lucky to be healing as well as I am now due to your methodology of living. I made it through a horrific accident and have been using mindset movement and nutrition to begin my healing…. Although the mindset part slips at times I am able to bring myself back to center and move forward in a more positive direction! Again thank you for a wonderful course it has been a foundation for me to achieve a much more balanced and happy life and such an easy program to follow!! Thanks again,

    Ñandú D

    • Sorry to hear about the accident, Nancy. Yes…the ability to stay centered in all 3 pillars will definitely help with recovery. Talk to you soon!

  2. This is a beautiful park. I have been walking barefoot in a park near me and I am going to try crawling like this in the park, for my tailbone issue. I’d like to ask you what exercises would you suggest for silent reflux. I have an issue with my voice (have had for years), I go hoarse when talking, my throat hurts and it feels like there is phlegm in my throat although I cannot cough it up. I will occaisionally (like once a month) cough like I have a really bad cold and that’s it….it just comes out of the blue and I can’t cough up any phlegm. My doctor has sent me to a voice specialist who is giving me voice lessons….learning to speak differently and breathing excercises and I can feel these are strengthening my diaphram. I take digestive enzymes and eat healthy and don’t over eat….so I can’t figure other than reflux. I haven’t seen any changes since I started these voice lessons about 6 months ago. Doctor wants to put me on PPI’s…..I hate taking drugs. Any ideas?

    • a lot of times it’s a mechanical fix from a hiatal hernia. keep working on diaphragm and find a chiro who works with hiatal hernia. there are also some strategies online to check out. (filling belly with water then dropping down abruptly from the ball of the foot onto your heels to make the stomach “drop” back down through the hiatus.) Good luck!

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