Balance Tips From Sedona, Arizona

Thought I’d take a chance to write while Rebecca finishes up the last leg of the trip to Missouri where we’ll visit her Mom and brother before we head home from our 8 day trip west to visit our son in Arizona.

Although we loved the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, the hike to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona took the cake for best adventure.

So I created an episode of Core Wellness TV giving you some practical tips on how to improve your balance using…

  • The “3 Pillars” of your feet and how much weight should go on each
  • The incredibly important rib cage position that lowers your center of gravity
  • Intra Abdominal Pressure management (probably the most important concept of all for balance, strength, and stability
  • The “Stick the landing” move to really challenge your balance control.

(I did a balance episode at the Grand Canyon but the live video came out choppy…hence take 2 in Sedona.)

Also, before I share the link, just a quick reminder that I put my Fix Your Forward Head…From the CORE program on sale until we land safely back in Indiana on Wednesday March 30th.

Just use the coupon code ARIZONA to save $50 and get it for only $47 instead of $97.

Thanks for coming along on this trip with us!

The episode at Devil’s Bridge is below.

Dr. H.

P.S. I”m serious about the whole idea of being able to create and manage “Intra Abdominal Pressure” as the most important “Core Concept” I teach for better posture and pain free, strain free movement.

Until and unless you learn how to create and manage IAP, you don’t have a chance of fixing forward head for good. You can’t just pull your head back. You have to do it “From the CORE!”.

You’ll learn how to use the floor, a belt, or even a desk to re-awaken this fundamental stability you learned as a baby.

Here’s where to get started and save big while it lasts.

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