New “Banker’s Pose” Posture Test and How To Break Out of a Pain Cycle

More information about reversing Crossed Posture Syndrome for pain relief and healthy aging can be found HERE.


  1. Such a timely video. I had a rather major medical procedure over a year ago. Prior to that procedure I had been working in the course and getting better.

    The influence of being exposed to your ideas led to a shift in my thinking which made it possible for me to gradually steadily improve, rather than continue down the slippery slope toward total disability.

    The mind shift that made improvement possible was that I had embraced approach thinking, rather than the avoidance thinking that had dominated my life for the past 44 years. It took me a very long time to heal from the procedure.

    Gradually after this last procedure, I shifted my thinking back to being dominated by avoidance behaviors. This shift happened so gradually that I was not aware of it. I had learned from you how to live my life dominated by approach behaviors, but I gradually forgot.

    Thank you for this video which once again reminded me no one is going to fix me. It is up to me. In my mind I had been working very hard, struggling to get back to where I had been before the procedure. Sometimes I would make choices that would produce a slight change; however, I could not seem to sustain healthy choices consistently.

    I had been struggling to work past some emotional and mental blocks that I could not quite identify, and therefore could not quite figure out how to become victorious over them. This video gave words to those illusive struggles.

    By the end of the video, for the first time since I was told I needed the procedure, I once again feel I am in charge of my health, and feel empowered to plot a course to make change happen. Thank You!!!!

    I do have a question which I will discuss with you in more detail via Skype; however, I will ask it here as I suspect there will be others who see this video that will have a similar question.

    Is there a “training wheels” approach to the “Banker’s Pose”? With great effort I can accomplish the pose with my left arm, and hand. However, I cannot figure out how to get my right arm and hand in that position at this time. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank You!

  2. Dr. Steve, I love this. You give as always an amazing combo of the inspiration and the practical information I need. Still enjoying the awesome “mini-circuits” of organic exercises from the course, thank you. Happy fourth of July weekend.

  3. Dr. Steve,

    I used some skills I learned from you, to think this through, and analyze some possible reasons I could not get my right arm and hand in “Banker’s Pose”. I did several mild stretches of my arm, shoulder, and hand in many different directions. Then gently took my left hand to help place my right hand as close as possible to the correct position. I did that several times throughout the day, and each time was able to get closer. My right hand and arm are now able to get close to the position without the help of my left hand; however, I still am not able to get my hands the proper direction.

  4. Dear doc, this new self test took me to another level on my day to day posture improvement ! I never took into consideration that the pecs should be relaxed when trying to “pull” the scaps down. And as always you where right, as soon as I tryed the bankers pose i noticed my pecs engaging more than they should i suposse. Also i started working out 4 weeks ago progressing into a good pull up. Im still doin inverted rows cause the main thing is just to difficult still. After a year or so of following you its just painfull watching people “training” in the park

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