“Bubbling Spring” Posture Tip, Food For Estrogen Balance, and Cues That You’re On The Right Path


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Dr. Steve Hoffman with another classic "3 Pillars" training!


  1. Very helpful and balanced message. I will watch and read more of your work to apply it to my healing program for my lower back. Glad I found your info. I'm over the most painful part of a ten month struggle to fix my back so I can re- enter my normal 

  2. So glad to know I am moving in the right direction. I began changing my eating habits two years ago. Before that I thought I ate vegetables. I ate potatoes, corn, iceberg lettuce, you know regular vegetables. LOL I now regularly eat most of the vegetables you listed above. I bought a stalk of brussel sprouts for the first time yesterday. I had never seen them before except in a bag, or frozen. Were not my favorite. Now they are. I cut them off of the stalk and washed them so I could roast them. A little one hopped out of the bowl, I grabbed it, and popped it into my mouth raw. It was really good. I almost did not have enough to roast, because I ate so many of them raw. Really fresh food tastes so different. I tried to juice kale and found it frustrating because it did not produce much juice and it was so bitter. Then I juiced some that had just been picked, lots of juice and very tasty.

    The whole video was great. I especially loved the sound effect of the spirit at 5:20. How did you arrange that? Thank you so much for pursuing your definite major purpose. You definately have a gift to share. I am so grateful I am privileged to be a recipient of that gift. Each day I am able to move more, have less pain, and think more clearly. You are a blessing.  

  3. Thank you  – I havent been able to read any of your recent posts lately. Turned on my computer today and took the time to read this one—-Great – just like the others—Thank you so much for always sharing your knowledge with us!! I always take away so much! God Bless!

  4. I just want to thank you for doing these great great videos. I have no doubt that they will make a big difference to a lot of people and hopefully myself too. I personally have very weak tendons for some reason (unknown to the doctor) and currently struggle with several severe tendon injuries in both legs and arms at the same time which has gotten so serious that I can't walk at all and haven't been able to for 2 months now. I will definately need to focus on all 3 pillars of yours in order to get myself through this and find the way myself since several doctors have left me on my own. My tendons are healing way slower than they are supposed to and therefore I think my eating habbits and my mental state need to improve in order to decrease the inflammation.

    I watch your videos daily not only to learn new stuff but also to become more possitive. You are one of the brightest people I have ever known and your energetic spirit really fuels me every day to fight this battle in order to get my life back on track again and be one to make a (bigger) difference for others.

    Thank you once again and may God bless you!

    • Thank you for the kind comments and you’re welcome, my friend!    There is an answer.  Keep the vision of yourself walking and feeling strong.  You’re mind will attract the answers if you stay open to guidance.

      God bless you, too, Mark.

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