Anti Aging Posture Exercises Using “The Bubbling Spring” K1 Kidney Point

Connect Your "Bubbling Spring" and Put Out The Fire Of Stress!

Bubbling Spring Video Below!

Today’s episode reveals how activating the Chinese medicine point called “The Bubbling Spring” will send a “Spiral of Power” through your entire body.

This is because when you connect the K1 Kidney Acupuncture point to the earth, it unleashes one of the most powerful anti-aging secrets ever.  It’s a SUPER way to “wake up” your FEET!

You see, your feet give your brain a LOT of input which it uses to make decisions about whether to protect your knees, hips, low back, and on up the chain.  It’s called AFFERANCE and it’s VERY important!   So watch closely!

Please forgive the crazy cricket, the wind, and the top of my head being cut out on occasion.  The content was just so good that I decided to put in some subtitles and let it fly! (But I’ll let you be the judge of the content 😉

This whole concept can very realistically be a game changer for you.  You can feel the power of youth and vitality literally at every moment when you use this concept.

Dr. Steve

P.S.  Don’t miss the “Butt Squeezing” caveat at 5:20.  It’s the missing link for lots of people.

P.S.S.  One more disclaimer…I am NOT versed in Traditional Chinese Medicine but some of these “Anti-Aging” basics, even if they are not “spot on” with TCM, will be very helpful to you.



  1. @Melinda…Connecting K1 and the "wake up" that happens IS a lot like a "reboot" for your "central operating system"!  Glad you were able to view.  Thanks for the comment!

  2. @Yossi…Nothing matters is something can't be explained simply so people can understand.  Imagery is a great shortcut and the most powerful for rewiring your brain.

  3. I have just watched the "Bubbling Spring" segment and am eager to see whether this kind of connection might help me overcome, bypass, or at least compensate in part for the partial numbness I have in my feet.  That numbness affects balance, and if I can work through it, I'll feel altogether much more centered.  Thanks for yet another helpful suggestion.  By the way, I'd pay a pretty penny if I could stand on one leg and hoist my other foot up to a camera.  Well done, you!

  4. @Marsha…sometimes the right imagery can go a long way.  Hope it helps!  I certainly didn't plan on bearing my "sole" on this video but I just couldn't help it!  HA!

  5. Hi Dr. Steve, I'm actually in Indiana for a quick visit to see a new born. We're staying with wife's cousins out in Washington county a place called Horners Chapel and she has a fountain with rocks on her property. It's not a spring and it is man made but I still received the stimulation or the Afference, love that word. You're the greatest! The audio did have some authenticity with the cricket and a little wind but it added to the five element theory. Water Earth Fire Wind and Aether, right? Or am I getting my Greek and Chinese mixed up? Keep up the good work!!!!

  6. @Shellie…Glad you found it.  It's even more powerful if you have the intention of spreading your toes as you do it like we talk about in the course.

  7. @Tim…glad you felt the afferance from the water!  In Chines 5 elements, the 5th element is metal.  In nearly all others i.e.  Japanese, Greek, Buddhist, etc.  the 5th element is the ether, or "that which is beyond the material world" like Spirit and Creative Energy.  
    This "5th element" is the most important one to connect with because if you only identify with your material body, death can bring up a lot of fear.  When you know your true essence is Spirit, you can live without fear.  And that automatically makes the physical body work better because that stress and fear is gone.

  8. I don’t have a Website- I’m just me. I came across your website after reading about bubbling spring and it peaked my interest because I have experienced sensation indescribable when during a bath I place a smooth bar of soap to that area of my feet. I knew it had some significance! And also I wanted to view that video but there’s nothing there but a solid black box- where seems a video something about wind and a cricket but there’s nothing to play. Can you let me know about how to see it?
    Thank you and I want to know more about energy of earth entering through this area of bubbling spring k1 as you stand on the earth. Do you need to be barefooted and concentrating on anything?
    Very curious indeed

  9. was very impressed by this video Dr Steve kindly tell me the protocol for curing multiple systems atrophy which my husband is suffering from since last 2 years,Regards, Veena

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