5 (At Least) Ways To Build Your Buffer Against Stress Induced Pain and Disease

Today’s Episode is filmed in the heat of the day (115 degree heat index) after an hour-long workout at the park to make a point about STRESS and how you MUST “Build Your Buffer”!

WHY?…So you can avoid the pain, fatigue, disease, and overall grumpiness that comes with stress induced unhealthy aging!

Watch now and get tips on physical, mental, and nutritional strategies so you can “poke some holes” in your stress bucket so it doesn’t overflow and spew out all over yourself and everyone around you!

Please share at least ONE simple and immediately applicable strategy that YOU use to build YOUR buffer that could help someone else!  Pay it forward in the comments below!  THANKS!     -Dr. Steve


  1. I like going for a 3-5 mile run to clear my mental stress out of my mind.  I ran a lot more during the winter of 2009/2010 when both of my parents were going through significant health problems.

  2. I will try to get out and at least walk around the block as it gives me the opportunity to let everything go.  If it's later in the evening a lot of times I'll just read a good book and have a cup of hot tea.  The big thing is just taking the time to be alone and reflect on what's going on around me and letting it all go.

  3. Thank you Dr. Steve, not only for the amazing knowledge, but also for showing how a true caring heart addresses problems to help ALL.  May you be continuously blessed.  See you soon.

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