Core Stability “Training Wheels” (tips for discovering your “back support zone”)

posture-6-month-toe-grabIt’s extremely easy to lose connection with your original core support you developed as an infant.

As stress builds throughout your life, your body tends to “close down” and go into “protection mode”.

And alarmingly, 1/3 of us humans have some version of a “closed down” or “crossed posture” syndrome by the time we get through our formative first 4 years.

Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV shows you how to reclaim your “original core”…even if you have a forward head posture and rounded upper back.

Enjoy…and if you would like to learn more about re-discovering your original core support and living life with more “like a child” then check out 

Early Bird enrollment opens Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 2015 at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific.



  1. When starting with these training steps, how long should the sessions last timewise and how many days a week?

    • Make the connection and attempt to stay there for 2 to 3 breaths and repeat 10x.

      How many times a day you do it depends on your level of commitment.

      Every day at least once and every hour on the upper end.

  2. Hi Dr. Steve,

    what do you think of balloon breathing? i use it for some of my clients for different reasons, but watching your last video about getting/staying onnected to the floor in supine position i thought balloon breathing could actually be helpful in several situations ?

    kind regards,


  3. Love this revisiting of when we were babies. I watch my 20 month old granddaughter’s movement patterns all the time. It is just fascinating to watch. She never breaks out of neutral spine no matter what she’s doing.
    Good stuff. Thank you.

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