Core Wellness Is LEAVING!  (and where we’re going…and WHY! )  Regeneration BABY!

Farmer Steve

“Farmer Steve” At The New Hoffman Farm (learn more in the video below)

It’s been coming for a while now.

It’s exciting…but also kind of scary.

Here’s what’s happening…

We have decided to say goodbye to the practice in downtown Jeffersonville and hello to some exciting new opportunities.

But first…do not fear.  

I will continue my practice in a NEW location in “Uptown” New Albany on East Spring Street and I will, of course, keep producing episodes of Core Wellness TV for you non-local subscribers and Core Wellness Institute students.

The new space is amazing and feels so good.  

I’m grateful for the time we’ve had on Court Avenue but the new environment blows it away with palpable good energy.

It just fell into place and feels so right in our gut.

This is a big scary move for us but we are extremely excited about getting back into hosting workshops and meetups in the new place.

The other scary part?  This is the first time we are sharing space!

So WHY is this happening????

“Transitioning with Grace…”

That phrase has been coming to me a lot lately.

Since our 19 year old, Benjamin has flown the nest to college in Arizona, and Nathaniel, our youngest, will be graduating in less than 3 years, Rebecca and I have been talking through “The Shift”.

And it’s pretty big. 

We are now looking forward to getting back to the country and getting roots in the ground on the new 60 acre Hoffman farm in Marengo, IN!

That’s right.  We are officially regenerative farmers now!

As long as I can remember, I have always been a nature boy.  And Rebecca has always been a nature girl.

And now we have the incredible opportunity to be stewards of this amazing off grid property with 3 natural springs and a 16 acre field with more than 5 of those acres currently planted in prairie plants as part of a upland bird conservation program (think Northern Bob White Quail).

We will slowly transition toward living there, so it just made sense to simplify the office so we can still serve you as we spend more time working toward our dream of creating this educational regenerative farm using permaculture and agroforestry principles.

I’ll be sharing much more through my videos as we go through “The Shift”.

Release, Rewire, and Regenerate baby!

I made a “Transition with Grace” video traveling from the old office to the new office and talked a bit more about WHY we’re doing this.  You can check that out below.

And of course, you’ll get a tour of the new place in Uptown New Albany.  (1423 East Spring Street to be exact :-))

We will be announcing an open house soon as well as some new online workshops.

Shift happens 🙂 

So here we go!  I hope you come along with us on the journey.


P.S.  I presented a seminar for Keller Williams real estate company recently called “Fix Your Posture, Find Your Core, Lose Your Pain” and will be presenting 2 more this month…”Motion is Lotion: Pain Relief and Peak Performance Through Functional Movement“, and “Mind Your Omegas: Fat Balance as the Nutritional “Theory of Everything”. 

I plan on recording them all so I’ll have some good online content for you soon.




  1. “Shifts happen” – oh yeah. Oooh yes…. I’ve benefited from your Core Wellness material greatly and will keep checking back, but most of all wish you all the best and lots of Grace indeed.

  2. I am thrilled for you and your family. Big move, I can see and hear the anticipation in your face and voice. When you let go and let the universe lead, good things happen. You are so bright eyed, intelligent and witty, and may I add, dedicated to your patients and web fans.
    Again, I thank you for your vigorous efforts, strong healthy teachings, and may this new adventure reap abundance for you today an in the future. I wish you life’s best.

    Happy Thanksgiving from your friend in Los Gatos, CA

    Mary Wolf

  3. Congratulations,it’s a fantastic transition from the organic posture doctor to regenerative health and farming specialist.
    I’ve internalized much of your teachings. I recently did a 6 week class on the Med X machine for strength. All went well until I said at the finish, “Now that I’m strong again, I’ll ask the doctor why he thinks the left side of my neck is tight?” I’m always told it is tension but if that were true, I’d be tight on both sides.

    I was told, “Let’s try something.” We did the squeeze the ball between the knees and I went back into femoral glide. I was offered a wedge in the shoe. But I’m sticking with functional movement and counting on my body to return to a better position. I’m assuming it is a mild scoliosis. Feldenkrais says “We can put our spine into many positions, find the one that works the best. It may not be perfect, but it can be more functional. I remembered your Mind Map.

    Enjoy your new home.


  4. Congratulations Dr. Steve! Really happy for you and all that’s going on in your transition. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  5. Wonderful news of renewal, Dr.Steve and Rebecca – I can’t wait to hear more. And I know it’ll be a new perspective as you keep teaching us all how to move well, and so much more. As always thank you – and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  6. Have you been listening to ZACH BUSH? He has wonderful interviews and talks about ION BIOME. He also does work with many farmers (as many as he can) about regenerative farming. You are both a good match. Caring and smart!

    Best luck.

  7. Triple-board certified genius and “mentsch” Zach Bush is one of my heroes, as are you,Steve. Godspeed on this amazing shift to the Spring St. paradise with its 3 springs! I am so looking forward to your new online material! Blessings of Love and Light…and compost!

  8. Dr. Steve
    I have only seen you on one occasion when referred by a friend.
    You may not remember but I was headed out on vacation a day or two later.
    Your treatment helped my back and my vacation didn’t have to be canceled.
    I am happy for you and your wife and your transition back to nature.
    My wife and I are mostly on a plant based diet eating no red meat or pork.
    Fish that I catch and wild caught salmon.
    You are already happier and I’m very sure you will be healthier getting back to the basics of country living.
    The best of luck in your endeavor.
    Be Well!!!

  9. Dr. Steve,

    Congratulations on your life shift! I have been helped by you for many years and both my husband and myself are so grateful for your core wellness course that was pivotal in my fantastic recovery from a near fatal motor vehicle accident. I developed a mantra from your teachings that re grounded me and that mantra of “push away from support points” has enabled me to walk and run with ease when my prognosis all those years ago was pretty grim for doing these activities effortlessly. I can’t thank you enough for what you gave me all those years ago.

    Wherever you go and whatever you do you will continue to reach out helping those people that cross your path and how lucky they are!

    Best wishes to you and your family for this exciting regeneration experience. What good timing this is for you but hard to believe those two little boys have grown up so quickly:)

    Looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for you.

    Cheers, Sue.

    • Brought a tear to my eye, Sue. Glad you got the most important point. Ground and Grow. Thank you for sharing your success. I look forward to continued teaching.

  10. This is so wonderful ! I have benefited so much from your videos/ inspiration and have been embracing wellness , posture and nutrition with you . Your enthusiasm is contagious ! I am glad you will keep making
    more videos so we may keep learning and or keep being reminded on healthful living !
    Wishing you the very best so exciting .

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