Core Wellness News: New Sites, Big Changes…Are You IN?

Now we're faster, safer,
and better than EVER!

After seeing "FATAL ERROR" pop up on the screen repeatedly on my blog and on my training and coaching site over the last few months, I decided it was time for big time change.

So here's what we've done to make it all better for you:
  • Changed hosting providers and servers (now sites are at LEAST 5 times faster!  Woo HOO!)  Thank you Host Gator!
  • Hired a security specialist to clean our sites and build a bullet proof fortress around them.  (Collette…you ROCK!)
NOTE:  We will be changing the design here on the blog over the next day or so.  So if things look weird temporarily…it's all good!
Since we have now reached over 750,00 people in over 151 countries (mind blowing), with our mindset, movement, and nutrition education, Rebecca and I have decided to take it to the next level and get VERY serious about teaching and coaching.
We will still be providing free videos, blog posts, facebook sharing, etc (in fact…lots more of that)!
But we are also going to be offering more premium training and coaching options if you would like to follow our proven method of reversing the pain and unhealthy aging that comes from "Crossed Posture Syndrome" and other damaging imbalances that occur with mental, physical, and emotional stress.
So be on the lookout for upcoming new content that will tell you exactly what to expect with the premium training and coaching programs.
WHEW!  Thanks for staying with me on this one.  It's been a crazy whirlwind but everything blew up for a reason.  I'm just glad I decided to use it as motivation for growth rather than staying mad and frustrated (yes…I was BOTH!) 
When one door closes, another door opens when we stop focusing on that silly closed door!
I take 100% responsibility for everything I create and I'm taking bold action now to create some new amazing results for amazing people like YOU!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below!
Be well.  Talk to you soon.
Dr. Steve


  1. Another Sue!
    Great to see the new format. You continue to reach so many people in need of qualified help. On navigating your improved site I reaquainted my self with some valuable tips that are easy to forget!

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