TV Doctor’s Exercise Mistakes (and how to do it right)



  1. Dr Steve:

    I put my e-mail address in the box above to request your Monday Wellness Coaching Course. The message I received was that I was already on the list. I would like to attend these sessions very much.. Please dont forget me.. Thanks.

    k. Tate

  2. Good evening Steve
    This is another great video! Just shared your link with my customers. This confirms I am in the “good trainers” group.
    Thank you so much! Love what you do!

    • Thanks Chantal! Yes…now your are officially in the “good trainers” elite group! You’re going to love what’s all in the full coaching course! Keep spreading the good word!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this Steve. I get sooo frustrated watching all of the damaging, dysfunctional “fitness” going on. It seems ubiquitous, and it also seems that nobody has the patience to learn correct form. As a soon to be Personal Trainer, I want to be able to get my clients fit and functional. Do you have any suggestions for ways to get aerobic/metabolic fitness safely while you are working on developing functional patterns?

    I’m starting to realize that life is all about compromise, and nobody will have perfect form. Where do we draw the line between functional and damaging…

    Thank you very much for all you do.


  4. I have entered my email address several times in the box above, but I have not received any confirmation email, so I don’t know if I will get the information about the new 7 day course on Core wellness coaching. Please advice,
    Thanks, I enjoy getting the information from you.

    • I see that you signed up on 12-50-12 at 12:60pm Eastern time Maureen. A link was sent to your email for you to confirm about that time with the subject line “Confirm Your Request For Information”. It should be in your inbox somewhere. If not please let me know.

  5. Another great video / tutorial!

    When starting out on push ups, I used the wall, then the kitchen counter, then a table / desk, and then some stairs, so that I could progress down to the floor for a “full push up”.

    Haven’t tried a pull up or chin up in years, but I do remember my shoulders being scrunched up.
    Might try what you showed, with hanging and then putting my shoulders down. Great tip!

  6. Thank you for this EXCELLENT advice!!! You are so generous, and make so much good sense!  I'm trying to reduce/avoid some shoulder impingement problems, and your advice will be very helpful in trying to improve my proper shoulder functionality!  I'm so glad I found you!  Thanks, again!

  7. I think this video describes why I am so excited about your course. When I teach piano, I spend a lot of time helping people make very, very basic skills automatic. The movements you teach in such clear detail were very natural to a child who developed normally. However my health issues have caused my body to forget how to move automatically. I needed to learn how to move, before I could progress. You have a gift of recognizing why just the effort of exercising is not enough to be able to move. Thank you for sharing it.

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