courage-mouseIf there’s one thing it takes above all others to really live this life to the fullest it’s the ability to do what you believe is right no matter what kind of flack you get from the people around you.

YOU are in charge of your own life and have the right to make any choice you want.

Strong convictions and strong beliefs are especially crucial when you come to a crossroads with your health.

You must do your due diligence and research all available avenues out there and then choose the one the feels right in your gut.

The simple question to ask is “Does the treatment method I’m considering get to the real cause of the problem?”.

And, as you may know, unfortunately 99 percent of the treatment options in the conventional American medical system only address effects, not cause.

So, what happens when you tell your doctor that you don’t want that drug because you’d rather take care of your problem with nutrition, chiropractic, or something natural? You get cut off. You get looked down upon. Your made to feel silly and ashamed.

Now I know that there are lots of integrative docs out there who actually listen and respect the law of cause and effect and take the name “Doctor” seriously (because it actually means teacher). But we are still living with a very “backwards” system that would rather drug and cut the fish rather than simply changing the water.

The best way to gather up courage is to read, learn, explore, and stack references upon references for your conviction and than stand strong in your power.

And oh yeah, ALWAYS stay open to the possibility that new knowledge will come down the pike and you may have to adapt.

So discover your core truths and keep gathering the courage to go your own way.

Dr. Hoffman

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