Announcing: Core Wellness Institute Training Program Open

Core Wellness Coaching Course to Reverse The Pain, Fatigue, and Unhealthy Aging From Crossed Posture Syndrome is NOW OPEN!


    • Gotcha Heather. I put you on the list manually. Sorry the official form wasn’t on the page when you made this comment. It’s now up under the video.

  1. Dear Dr. Steve, I am recovering from a knee op and my hip and shoulder also now causing me pain! Hypermobility is meaning slow progress to recovery but want to get back to pain free movement! Interested in the coaching course.
    Thanks, Nicki

    • Nicki, getting on the list by completing the form below the video on this page will give you the link I look forward to helping you regain your pain free movement.


  2. Hi Steve

    Please sign me up for the coaching course. I haven’t been able to exercise properly for years due to chronic fatigue syndrome, postural problems, jaw / TMJ disorder. A ‘Do this first’ approach sounds very interesting.

    Many thanks.
    Jane – Cambridge, UK

  3. Dear Dr. Steve,

    I’m writing to express interest in your coaching program.

    My problems are quite minor compared to what some people have described in these comments, so please feel free to remove me from your list if you need to make room for those with serious health concerns.

    PS. Your famous YouTube video on the proper way to do a hip stretch cured a problem that had been plaguing me for ten years in about five minutes. Many, many thanks for making that available.

    • Sean, just drop your name in the form above on this page and you’ll be notified when we go live.

      It really is incredible how that simple move is so powerful for so many. I’m glad it helped you.


  4. Hi Steve,

    This sounds good! I had total bilateral hip replacements last year and am having lower back issues to to where i can’t stand or walk for very long at all. Now that my hips are fixed I want to WALK & DANCE again!

    Any help is welcome!

  5. I have MS and have found it difficult to find exercises that help me regain some strength and keep my muscles loose enough to move freely. I’ve found yoga helps but I need to regain strength and keep my core strong so I won’t become unable to live the way I want to.

    • This is all about re-awakening your deep core system, Wendy.

      There’s a phrase in rehab. proximal stability = distal mobility. Translated…that means with a strong center, muscles in the extremities often feel looser.

      I would be honored to help you live strong again.

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