From Debilitating Back Pain To Front Flips, Unicycles, and 5Ks!


Today I’m excited and nervous because I’ve got something NEW for you that I’ve never done before.

It’s the first ever Core Wellness Case Study interview!

Meet Nancy, a pilot from Greenville, TN who was scared of her debilitating back pain and sciatica that was keeping her up at night and affecting her work.

Now she’s running 5ks, riding unicycles, and doing front flips on the trampoline.

 Check her out!


She is truly inspirational.

Here are a few gems I pulled out from the interview:

  • Conventional treatments based on the insurance model can help for the short term, but when the insurance stops paying…you’re left out in the cold for how to take care of yourself.
  • The KEY to long term change is learning how to move through specific exercise training then applying those new “movement programs” in to everyday life (she used the example of how she used the exercises when she was feeding her horses). 
  • It’s crucial to have strategies to bring yourself “back to center”, when you become aware of yourself being “off center”.  (I LOVE the “weight on wheels” airplane analogy she used to help remind her to get “back on center” when she feels her posture start to draw forward and down.)
  • Food matters…a LOT!  Just making small steps (or BIG steps) toward eliminating gluten and dairy can make you feel years younger and…for women (and men) prevent hormone problems that all your friends seem to be dealing with!

I personally love listening to interviews where real people tell their story of struggle and the decisions they made that led them to an adventure and a journey to victorious results (sounds like Star Wars, doesn’t it?).

It’s worth your time. It’s a small file you can listen to right now on your phone or computer and,of course, you can download it as well.

I especially like her “weight on wheels” trick for keeping her forward posture in check. I’m going to start using that one myself!

Enjoy the interview (It was my first, so be kind 🙂

Dr. Steve

P.S. I’m going to be shutting down the coaching trial option for the Core Wellness Coaching Program soon.

Right now, just for taking the coaching program for a test drive, you get lifetime access to the entire Core Wellness Training Course…the step-by-step modules, the 10 Core Secrets audio training, Activities of Daily Living Library, Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Action Guides, Resource Center, and lots more.

I would love to help you.  I hope to see you on the inside.

P.S.S Nancy didn’t talk about her starting to run 5Ks in the interview, but she talked about it HERE (along with a bunch of other students telling their success stories).



  1. Good evening Dr. Steve,

    Thank you so much for sharing the Case Study Interview with us, it was truly inspiring. You are so gracious in freely sharing info with us and I appreciate it so much. I watch and read all that you share with us and take something beneficial away from every one of them. Keep up the good work and I pray you will have a delightful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    God Bless! – Rebecca

    • You’re welcome, Rebecca. It was a great experience. I will definitely be doing more and implementing video. Glad you’re benefiting from the work. Happy Holidays to you as well!

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