Does Your Food REALLY Matter?

I’m extremely excited to host this FREE screening of “FOOD MATTERS – You Are What You Eat”, in conjunction with the Food Literacy Project . It’s a powerful film for people who just know that there’s got to be a better way to achieve optimal health that doesn’t require dangerous medications or invasive surgery.

Below is a trailer for the film.  The FREE screening event will be here at Core Wellness from 10 to noon on SATURDAY, April 4th. 

It’s great to see more and more documentary films being made about healthy lifestyle choices and how to make them!  We’ve all had our brains “wired” by the media and the powers that be that have unfortunately created a massive health care crisis that I believe is a MUCH bigger than the current economic situation.

The ONLY way to keep from becoming another statistic of the current health care system is to take responsibility and get INFORMED about how to “Think Right, Eat Right, and Move Right”, which are the “3 PIllars” of Core Wellness.

Rebecca and I are hosting this as a FREE public service but please consider a generous donation to the Food Literacy project.  Check out what’s on their wish list here.  You may have some of this stuff gathering dust at your house!

The film is 80 minutes long with a lively discussion to follow until noon. 

Here again, your generous donations to food literacy project are greatly appreciated! (email [email protected] to reserve for Ali’s Raw Food Workshop)

See you there!

-Dr. Hoffman

P.S.  Listen to what industry leaders are saying about this eye-opening film…

“Food Matters is a must see for those looking to take control of their health.”
– John Gray, PhD, NY Times Best Selling Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


– John Robbins, author of Diet for A New America

“Anyone who is serious about their health needs to see this stunning film.”

– Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“Thought provoking, informative, and compelling, this film matters.”

– Rory Freedman, Coauthor of #1 NY Times Best Seller Skinny Bitch

“This eye-opening documentary is important to anyone who has ever taken the safety of our nation’s food supply for granted. ‘Food Matters’ is destined to be a classic.”

– Jordan Rubin, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Maker’s Diet

“Food Matters has a very inspirational message to everyone. It will transform your approach to your food and to your life.”

– Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master featured in The Secret,

“If you’re looking for a way to treat disease naturally, then Food Matters is a great place to start”

– Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret

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