Driving Posture Tips for Less Pain and Stress on the Road


  1. Great tips. Thank you! My friend is in her car hours every day. She shared a tip given to her by her therapist. When you get in the car position the rear view mirror from your best posture position. Then later when you notice the mirror needs adjusting don’t adjust the mirror, adjust your position.

  2. Thank you. Driving in my previous car was fine but my new one is a challenge. I’ve tried a couple of support cushions but still haven’t come up with the right posture for longer drives. It seems no matter how I set the seat, the head support forces my head forward too much, but the biggest issue is left hip pain. I’m trying to focus on keeping my pelvis level and facing straight forward b/c I’ve noticed having my right foot on the pedal tends to make me twist a bit.
    Really appreciate your videos. I have learned so much!

  3. Great tips. I sure wish there was a transcript of this so I can print and keep with me in the car since my memory is not always best!

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