“The F Card” Exercise Reveals The Shocking Truth About REAL Change


Every time I do an event, attendees are always shocked when we do "The F – Card" exercise.
So, as a "pre-event warm up" to our "Get To Your Core" Mini Boot Camp on May 18th, I wanted to share this video exerpt of the "F Card" mind blower".

This simple put powerful exercise proves how the patterns and programs you have "wired" into your brain can keep you from seeing solutions to pain, fatigue, and other health problems that are right in front of your eyes!
Listen, when it comes to this crazy game of life we all play together, the way your brain has been "wired" determines your habits and the way you "see" things…and therefore…your wiring determines your current circumstances.
You're wired for the way you walk, run, sit, squat, stand, bend, lift, reach, push, pull, eat, and react to problems.  Actually, you can't "see" ANYTHING without the "program" in your brain that creates it. 



It's a tough pill to swallow (red pill or blue pill, Neo?) but once you finally take the leap and choose the red pill, you can really start making things happen and really see the world for what it is…a "movie" made from the beliefs that you have had programmed into your brain!
That begs a question…What if your current wiring / program is making a movie that's got you struggling, in pain, and chronically stressed? 

I mean, what if your current wiring is actually HARMING you?
What's the solution here?  What do you do you have to do?  

You got it!  Change your WIRING!
Are you willing to change your wiring to change your life?
I just gave you the magic word that is the pre-requisite for true transformation.  WILLINGNESS!
If you're willing and OPEN to change, and willing to take the red pill, then you have the power to break out of the loop.  To step out of the movie and become the writer, producer, director, AND actor!
If your plan is to keep on doing what you're doing and expect a different result, well then, click away now because you're not going to like what I have to say.
Giving YOU the power is my whole mission with the our physical practice, the online course, the blog, and with this mini boot camp.

My goal is to help you live life with less pain, more energy, and more HOPE by giving you practical, immediately applicable strategies to "re-wire" your brain in the areas of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition.
I call it "Peace Physiology".  And with it comes pain relief, a better metabolism, clearer thinking, more ENERGY, and a host of other "side benefits"!

Of course, it takes weeks, months, and sometimes even years to remodel the physical body's tissues, but the nervous system "re-wiring" can be done very quickly if you're committed and willing to do the work.

The live event is on May 18th from 9am to Noon Eastern Time, but THE EARLY BIRD DEADLINE TO  BRING 2 ADDITIONAL GUESTS FOR FREE IS THIS FRIDAY, MAY 10TH.

Enjoy the video above and definitely let me know what you think about all this.
P.S.  We are considering doing some of these events on the road so if you're not close enough to make it on May 18th, then email me and let me know if you are interested in hosting an event in your area this summer.




  1. Great video.

    I kept getting 3 until you explained it. Then I backed up the video and counted again. Yep, there they were, right in front of me.

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