How To Foam Roll The Piriformis (The Right Way)

foam roll piriformisSelf myofascial release using a foam roll can be very powerful for pain relief, improving flexibility, improving body awareness, increasing circulation and lots more.

And thanks to Bill’s question from inside the Core Wellness Institute, I decided to use today’s episode of Core Wellness TV to give you a detailed tutorial on how to use a foam roll to release your piriformis muscle (along with the rest of the soft tissue on the back side of your hip.)

Actually…I went ahead and created a whole “How To Foam Roll The Lower Quarter…The Right Way” mini-course and it’s now included as a bonus program inside the Core Wellness Institute Course. 

There’s  a short intro from Grandma’s glider in our back yard and you even get to meet Gracie Bell as she crosses my path!

Enjoy and be sure to leave your questions and comments below!



    • Trigger points can develop in both weak/inhibited muscles as well as in tight/overactive muscles.

      So just find them and breath into the release and you can be “switching on” a weak muscle or “toning down” a tight muscle.

  1. Thanks again for a great tutorial. I always learn so much from you. I particularly love the fact that you gave us anatomical markers so we all know exactly what we are doing and why.

  2. Hi Steve: Thanks for this video. I have been watching you on You Tube from time to time and your instructions are always so helpful. You are very thorough in your explanations and demonstrations that I have found relief from piriformis syndrome as well as general hip and leg pain when arising from a seated position. I am going to go out and buy one of these foam rollers this weekend and start working out. Thanks again for these really wonderful videos.

  3. That’s a good one. Hope it will help sciatica. I not only enjoy your videos for their professional health tutorials; I like to hear about your “shed being built”, your cat, etc. Keep ’em coming.

  4. Another fantastic video! I love how thoroughly you explain the techniques and also the mistakes to watch out for while performing the moves.

    I agree with Barbara on keeping it all real by seeing the cat, wondering through and your shed being built – It always makes me feel like taking a nice deep cleansing breath in and letting go.

  5. Ouch! This really hits the spot! Have had lower back stiffness upon waking for most of 2014. Am seeing 2nd physio. Not your classic sciatica as have fairly good stretching capacity in legs. Stiffness seems to have concentrated on lower left hand side over past few months – from sacrum across to top of femur with also some referred pain right down the left leg – especially re IT band where it joins knee. Soas is also suspect. Doing piriformis stretch, cat stretch, “banana” stretch and hanging left leg off the bed moving heel downwards with right leg bent and pulled into chest in order to have flat back. Also downward face dog seems to help. This roller movement is painful stuff – but will try it and see how it goes – thanks!

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