Key Exercise For Forward Head Posture, Neck Pain, and Low Back Pain

How can a simple bendable tripod explain neck and back pain?  Simple.

If one area doesn’t move…then a different area has to take all the load!

Learn which areas of your spine need to move more and a simple exercise for the #1 key link and take a load off your neck and low back.  


Resources From Today’s Episode:

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 Core Wellness Institute – learn more about the comprehensive course to reverse pain and unhealthy aging from Crossed Posture Syndrome


  1. Hi Steve
    Great video,

    But I’m a bit confused about the concept of one area absorbing all the movement (like your lumbar spine) because another area is not mobile enough (like your thoracic spine).

    What exactly do you mean by this?

    If you get too much movement in your lumbar spine (because you don’t have enough mobility in your thoracic spine), does this mean that your lumbar spine is HYPER-MOBILE? And if so, does this mean that a HYPER-MOBILE joint is more prone to lack the STABILITY to carry a load, thus become over-loaded, stressed more easily?

    Thanks or the info,
    Alys M.

    • Yes, overloading of the low back facet joints happens when you reach overhead when there is lack of mid back mobility. Yes, the low back can become hypermobile. And yes…if the low back joints are not “stacked” or “centrated” appropriately, force / load can’t be efficiently transmitted through the spine and spinal joint and muscle tissues can be damaged. It’s common but the movement pattern can be retrained and tissues spared.

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for your great videos. Did you ever have a practice in West Los Angeles? Always good to be reminded of this stuff. I enjoy getting your regular emails.

  3. I seem to remember visiting your practice at an office in west los angeles around 2001. was that you? you were the only chiropractor teaching people exercises and core wellness as opposed to just temporary fixes for pain.

  4. Brilliant, Dr.Steve – thoracic mobility *can* be restored, I’m living proof. Since I took your course I’ve been foam-rolling, and this video gave such a neat demo of how that lets the head find the place where it really wants to be. Inspiring as usual.

    • thanks Cynthia…you are a Core Wellness poster child:-) Yes…your head really does desire to sit perfectly on top of your head without strain or pain. Reverse CPS Now!

  5. Hello Dr. Steve!

    My Head Posture is very forwarded, so I am not even able, to lay down on my back with my head on the ground without having extremely pain. Is it OK to “upper” my head for example with a pillow to not overstride my neck while having the rest of my back on the ground? And will I be able with this exersise to correct my posture a bit? Thanks for an answer and sorry for my English ;-)

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