Study: Posture Angle Predicts Loss Of Independence In Activities of Daily Living

"Independence" Offer Ended On July 5th, 2013,

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This is the week where you make the commitment to your freedom.

To celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S., I released the video above with very serious message about maintaining your freedom from pain and the "aging" posture.

It has to do with a breakthrough study in Japan about how your posture "angle of inclination" can predict whether or not you will end up in a nursing home or dependent on other people to help you do your activities of daily living!

This is big time stuff.

I've also got some tricks up my sleeve to help you stay independent and doing the things you love for as long as you want to do them!  I'll be giving "sneak peaks" into the premium training course (which is on special until Midnight Friday, July 5th EST with a bunch of additional bonuses) so you can get some free training that is normally only available to course students.

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If you have any questions about the video or the training and coaching course just leave a reply and I'll personally respond.
I look forward to helping you stay INDEPENDENT!  It starts NOW!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  I get great success story comments every day but I especially love this one from Carol, a recent course student:
"I am so glad I decided to join the course, one reason is because the variations are very important for me. Another is I am completely changing the way I think about moving.
Getting up and down off of the floor was always a big part of my job because I taught music to pre-scool children. My first love is teaching very, very young children, and when I can once again get up and down off of the floor, I will start doing that again.
I had given up that dream and joy in my life. Thank you for helping me get it back.
 (As you'll hear in the video, Carol is already making it happen!)








    • It’s possible, Kimberley.  That’s a pretty general complaint and there can be many causes for pelvic girdle pain.  But when you get your deep core system switched on and your muscles balanced around your trunk in the proper manner, tissue stress can be alleviated and pain can diminish. 

      Ultimately, it’s a whole body wellness program focused on removing physical, mental, and nutritional stress patterns that lead to pain.  Lots of people dealing with pain around the trunk have been helped but, of course, I cannot guarantee specific results.

      You will have my guidance all the way through, Kimberley.   

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