How To Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain With This “Self Adjustment”

Everyone wants to know what stretches to do to relieve their neck and shoulder tension but to me, that's like snipping a weed off at the level of the ground without ever getting to the ROOT!

In today's Core Wellness TV episode below, you'll learn about "Movement Patterns" or "Programming" that must be "DEprogrammed" or else you'll end up like Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day", repeating the same damaging movement patterns over and over and over…and over!

Stretch=> feel better => damage yourself with dysfunctiona movement patterns => overload muscles and joints => feel pain, tension, and fatigue => get grumpy and create a short emotional fuse and damage relationships => stretch…back to top of loop!

Enjoy the video…It will save you YEARS of agony…I promise!


  1. Thanks Doctor Steve, Thants great advice, I have a job where a lot of overhead lifting is required and i’m always getting tight neck muscles!
    Have you ever thought about doing a video on good Running techneque??? I’m always getting tense when I run fast!

  2. Dr. Steve…Thanks for your suggestions on how to shovel snow and how to reach properly. As I was riding my airdyne bike (it can go fast, but gets nowhere)I noticed a difference when I keep my back straight and limit my shoulder involvement. Do you have any suggestions on posture, seat height and muscle action in this exercise? Thanks…jack

    • Hi Jack! Thanks for reading and watching! I’ll definitely be doing some vids on proper technique for different exercises and equipment in upcoming episodes. But quickly…regarding Airdynes…the biggest error with this machine and all other machines that have a push/pull option for your upper body is the shoulder shrugging dysfunction during the push/pull.

      Keep your rib cage anchored low (as explained in the video above) and always keep the feeling of “pushing away” from your sit bones. This will automatically create the core stiffness you need.

      Adjust your seat height to where at the bottom of your foot stroke, your knee is almost straight. This will allow you to get the fullest possible extension in your hips. Also…be sure to spend at least some time pedaling by “pressing through your heels” which will activate your whole leg.

      Lastly…the #1 problem I see with ALL cyclists is neck overload from “chin poking”. So, again, keeping the intention of “pushing away” from your support points (sit bones) and letting your head float like a balloon (string tied to the back of your head) is the best form.

      And the MOST important thing is not just to be aware of this “push away” phenomenon during exercise, but in each and every moment of your life. It’s ALL about your intention in every moment. Choosing the intention of growth, renewal, expansion, and openness is essentially how you reawaken your inborn core stabiliy.

      To me…it’s “The Posture of Spirit”.

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