“Get Off The Nail” and Burn More Fat with Peace Physiology

Get Off The NailToday’s episode is a bit unorthodox…

The lighting is bad.  The video’s a little shaky (hey, I AM on a stair climber!)  But…I just had to share this.

Something happens when I’m in the middle of my aerobic workout and my brain kicks in.  

Normally I just scribble barely legible notes in my sketch book, but today I decided to create an episode of Core Wellness TV instead.

Here’s what came through as my brain was “Sparked”…
  • How you can increase energy and creativity without drugs (except the one’s you make yourself)
  • An inspiring story about a moaning dog.  (love this one)
  • Why I still love low intensity, long duration cardio and who it’s especially good for (me secret love affair)
  • Why you may be having sugar cravings and what type of exercise helps most
  • Who should be a bit wary of high intensity workouts

Enjoy and let me know what you think about this one…and of course, share any comments or questions you have about the content in the reply box below.

I also posted some resources from today’s episode below the video.  So check them out!


http://www.sparkinglife.org/  –  Dr. John Ratey’s website exercise to “Spark” your brain into action and create better chemical balance.  Here’s a link to his “Spark” book on Amazon.

http://seancroxton.com/ – Sean is an awesome interviewer and is doing an awesome job with his new personal development podcast called “The Sessions”

http://motivatingthemasses.com/ – Lisa Nichols…one of the stars of the blockbuster film “The Secret” has an amazing story and you will learn about true abundance from this fine lady.

http://philmaffetone.com/  –  I always give the real Dr. Phil the cred when I talk about the benefits of low intensity cardio.  Cardio is NOT dead.  Listen to Dr. Maffetone, build your aerobic base and start training your nervous system for “Peace Physiology”.

http://www.reversecpsnow.com  –  Discover all the benefits of The Core Wellness Institute and read the success stories of CWI students who have found pain relief, more energy, and of course…better posture!



  1. Hi todays video was great ive always felt long slow walks outdoors were best for me now i know why. Also the you burn sugar when stressed so get cravings for more sugar. And the nail story so true. The video Really clarified some things for me. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Steve! I’ve also often wondered about high intensity cardio….especially when it seems to affect many people’s joints in a negative way. I’m a Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Silver Sneakers instructor. I like that we mix it up in zumba so that it varies between high intensity and low intensity. Because of my own knee and back issues, I’m not even able to do high intensity workouts, so these classes are perfect for me. And now I have a greater understanding of fat burning verses sugar burning. Thank you so much!

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