Bring Your Glutes To The Party! (for less back pain, hip pain, and knee pain)

glutes to the party

Why you should bring your glutes to the party.

After testing the glutes of a high school running back with recurring hamstring strains, I shot this video on how to test your own glutes.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to “re-map” the proper glute action into your brain and then integrate your new movement map into your daily activities for less strain and less pain (especially in your low back, hips, and knees)

Enjoy and leave a comment to let me know if your glutes and hamstrings were in a “brain trap” or not.  (You’ll know what I mean when you watch :-))

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  1. Hey Steve, loved this and in working with yoga students have seen this sensory motor amnesia of the glutes often! Your aphorism to get into your core when you open a door is memorable! Lol I’ll be using that one as an easy daily engagement for folks! Cheers brother!

  2. Hi Dr. Steve. I haven’t written to you lately, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten you. I ALWAYS smile when I see an email from you. My only regret is that I’m in California and you’re in Indiana, otherwise I would probably be attached to your hip. Now there’s a video for you!

    Let me start this out by saying I am not affiliated with the company I am about to mention. I am wondering if you are familiar with the company Pateron who partners with doctors and physical therapist who provide videos online? Through Pateron, people who benefit from your hard work in producing the instructional videos can help defer your costs. I am signed up with Upright Health, a physical therapy group who produce helpful videos like yourself. I’m old school and believe if someone is helping you, you should compensate. You sign up for a monthly stipend that is charged to one’s credit card…couldn’t be easier.

    This is just an f.y.i. Thank you for all you do to help myself and thousands of other stand a little straighter, brings our glutes to the party, and bring awareness to our aging bodies. You are a blessing and I thank you again.

    Your friend in Los Gatos, CA,

    Mary Wolf

  3. I can’t watch the video for some reason.Im interested in watching as I’ve been dealing with chronic back pain since 2005 & was fused in 2007 at L4-L5

  4. Hello Dr Steve,

    I had an x-ray at my chiropractor and it showed I have discs in my upper back and lower back that are together I think on one side of discs , she said there nothing I can do about it , also my spine at the upper part is crooked, when I sit down I can feel my left side of my should is flat on the back of the chair and my right side is not.
    Can these stretches help.

    Also I have a son who is a dry wall plaster I think that’s what Americans call it here in Australia we call it wall plasterer he uses cement and white cement on brick wall, he’s using his arm all day long will these exercise help him.
    And how should he spread the cement on the walls.

    I hope you understand this email, oh I’m 65 years old. and my son is 40
    Thank you
    Love your videos

  5. I need this! It’s a bit of a struggle to get my right glute to tighten. When I do the test, I can feel a little movement in my hamstring but I don’t think I’m tensing it. Is that okay?

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