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Core Wellness Green Smoothie Recipe
Stack blender in the following order:
* 1 diced green granny smith apple (we include peel because we use organic)
*  5 to 10 chunks of mango or pineapple
*  ½  to whole peeled and cut up lemon (lemon keeps smoothie from tasting flat)
* ½ to whole avocado (binds smoothie so it doesn’t separate, gives it good fat)
* Fill the rest of the carafe full to top with greens (rotate chopped Kale, spinach, and lettuce.)
*  Handful of parsley
* Fill 3/4 of carafe with water
* Add 4 or 5 ice cubes
 Blend Thoroughly And ENJOY in a nice glass!
Optional ingredients and variations to play around with include:
* Banana – although a slightly higher glycemic index (we use ones we’ve peeled and
   frozen when they’re getting ripe to fast on us, a good alternative if you’re out of
* Celery
* Cucumber
* Dandelion greens
* Chopped fresh ginger root (we usually use about a square inch peeled and diced)
* Coconut water

1.  Kitchenaid 5 SpeedMost economical ($99ish) to handle the job for creamy smoothies with a bigger carafe than most other blenders: Guarantee?  Maybe not a lifelong blender but great to get started. ($99)

2.  VitaMix 5200 – industry standard for raw foodies.  Built to last.  Larger capacity carafe. ($400 ish)

3.  Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside – Some people will come to blows defending their Blentec Total Blenders.  The “Wildside” carafe is a MONSTER! ($ 300 to 400 ish)

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