Case Study: Upper Cross Headaches Related to Hip Function? (Plus How to Feel “Lighter”)

How can your hip function cause stress in your neck and shoulders? Episode is below.

How can your hip function cause stress in your neck and shoulders? Episode is below.

I’ve got an interesting case study for you today about how sometimes the cause of pain and tension are not always so straightforward.

That was the case with “Tabby”, who came in with several weeks worth of headaches and discovered the cause to be much more than an ibuprofen deficiency.

We fixed the obvious things like her forward rolled shoulders, forward head posture, and chest breathing and had a 100% improvement the day after her appointment.

But since the headache returned a few days later after hiking about 5 or 6 miles, we dug deeper and found that the way she used her hips when she walked was overloading her muscles in her neck and shoulders.

One of Vladimir Janda’s 6 classic movement pattern tests…the hip extension test, (which I demonstrate) was the big “tip off”.

So…even if you don’t have headaches, the evaluation strategy and exercise progression I share in this episode of Core Wellness TV will give you the tools to create a more open, decompressed, and “lighter” feeling in your bodymind.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Keep on moving…like a child!

Dr. Steve

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  1. Thank You, Dr. Steve!
    I was very fortunate to take your basic course on Cross Posture Syndrome several years ago. This course was invaluable and I learned tools there that I use everyday to reinforce open posture and flowing gait. I continue to be reminded of these points through all of your excellent video blog posts, teleseminars, and your course client feedback posts. Had it not been for these follow-ups it would be easy to forget some of the points! The most valuable point for me over the years was to be reminded to use intention to push away from support points. Today your reminder of pubic bone forward was another great cue!

  2. You’re a Rockstar!
    Thank you so much for the reminder. I believe this training is what kept me free of neck and shoulder pain when I was doing my six week hike in Spain. That was two years ago. I rarely have pain in my neck and shoulders, but when I do, I have these tools to help me reset. Thanks to both you and Rebecca for all you do.

  3. Thank you so much Dr. Steve!
    I had a “light-bulb” moment when I was watching this video. Could a dysfunctional Hip Extension Pattern affect balance??? For example: I walked 2 miles today, and the longer I walked the more I noticed my balance being affected and I was feeling discomfort in my sub-occipital area in the back of my head. I have noticed this before when I walked, and have wondered why it would make my balance more unstable. I never thought the hips could affect the head!! I know that I have lower crossed posture syndrome, and when I try to do the push away lunges I experience so much pain in the psoas area. FYI: I am a college student who sits a lot.
    So what do you think Dr. Steve? Could this all be related? Any recommendations are welcomed!
    Thank you again for caring enough to share such powerful information with the world!!

  4. Just answered a big problem I’ve been having walking. Have a little more motion in my hip joint .( x-Ray) showed
    Bone on bone. Exercise not surgery.
    Thank you,

  5. Great explanation and demonstration Dr. Steve. Janda’s 6 classic movement the hip extension test is usually a great indicator that things are not aligned properly. When you get a chance check out our Rapid Release device it really helps with breaking up adhesion’s in hip, back and neck area. Any questions feel free to reach out to me would love to talk.

  6. A brilliant recap, Dr Steve on your basic Cross Posture Syndrome training.

    > The power of intention
    > Pushing away from your support points
    > The release and benefits of using the foam roll
    > How titling your pubic bone forward has a powerful effect on your posture

    I’m amazed that by simply tilting your pubic bone forward you really do align your body

    I’m so grateful for all your reminders

    • Such a subtle intention makes a world of difference when it has to do with neurodevelopment like the pubic bone does. Thanks for the bullet point list…right on!

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