The “Healing Mindset”, Computer Posture Relief, and Natural Allergy Remedies

On today’s episode of Core Wellness TV, ” 3 Pillars Edition”
it is my honor to share with you the following tips:

1.  How to break the loop of a recurring painful condition (“bad back”, “bad foot”, “bad hip”, “bad knee”, etc.)

2.  An extremely simple “posture relief position” from an acclaimed European Neurologist to relieve neck and shoulder tension (and even low back pain) from sitting too much at computer or desk.

3.  A basic, easy to understand natural remedy for allergies using stress reduction, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and fundamental vitamin supplements. (see below video for recommended nutritional supplements)

Here we go from the high energy walnut grove in Perrin Park with breeding cicadas in action!  (tough to find a full light area, too, hence the leaf shadows on my face!)

Fundamentals Of Natural Allergy Relief:

As mentioned in the video, the most powerful way to start is to reduce potential gut inflammation from the two most common immune system irritants…gluten and dairy.  You can get a copy of a gluten and dairy free diet HERE.

Here are the 2 fundamental supplements to help reduce frustrating allergies:

(To access these professional grade supplements, simply set up your account by visiting the Core Wellness Institute online dispensary HERE.  Then you can search for the following products.

Omegagenics 500 from Metagenics (300 EPA / 200 DHA) 2 tabs twice daily

Reduces the root of allergies…inflammation…while building a strong and flexible cell membrane. 
This makes the cell membrane less likely to “break open” and start the allergy inflammation cascade.
500-C Methoxyflavone from Metagenics (2 tabs, 2x/day)
Builds a strong framework for the cell membranes, making it less likely to break open and start the allergy cascade.


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