Use your HIPS to save your spine (from the farm)

hips and core

chainsaw hips and core (video below)

On the heels of an “in studio” web class on “Transition” movements to take your body back in time, we headed out to “The FaRRRm” (Release, Rewire, Regenerate…still working on the name) to clear our first camp as we make our own transition back to nature.

But because I just can’t help myself, I included a classic “master the basics” movement lesson so you can avoid unnecessary back injuries.

It just so happens this one is with a chainsaw taking down an autumn olive tree.

And, as always, it was an adventure!

Check it out below and please heed my advice about your hips saving your spine, OK?

More adventures and lessons to come.


P.S.  Oh yeah, we also “unearthed” some healthy snake diversity 🙂  One I’d never seen before.


Join the adventure below and leave your comments and questions below!



  1. Hhmmmm. 1. The hip experiential is not clear; 2. You are serving food out of ‘plastic’ bags; 3. You are unconsciously knocking down trees. If knocking down trees is absolutely necessary I suggest you have a conversation with the land and tree before you start bulldozing. And look for more holistic ways to meet the balance in eco diversity. Do you think it was a mere coincidence that you unearthed a green snake?

    • Lighten up Sa. Dr. Steve has done with his practice, family, friends and now the farm, nothing but good. You know the old saying about pointing a finger, you got three pointing back. Why don’t you take a real deep breath, do some of Dr. Steve’s exercises, remind yourself to be humble and grateful to this committed man. I’m just saying…….

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