How To Stand Up After Bending Over (should you pull or push?)

how to stand up after bending over

how to stand up after bending over (video below)

Last week we had a nice 50 degree day here in Southern Indiana that got me motivated to clean up one of my garden beds and prepare it for early greens. 

So I set up my camera while I pulled weeds, shoveled compost, carried buckets, raked, and, of course…pontificated 🙂 
And here’s what’s in it for you…
  • The importance of “preparing the soil” of your brain for new movements (or movements you haven’t done in a while) so you don’t end up injured, in pain, and frustrated.
  • How you can actually wear out your back muscles if you don’t stand up correctly after being in a forward bend / squat / stoop.  Saying you can stand up “wrong” may be too strong.  What’s “wrong” or “right” is all a judgement depending on your beliefs and perspective. BUT…it can be done inefficiently!.  Slow motion cinematography for you today, baby!  Be sure to do this with me to really feel the difference.
  • The “heavy carry” as an easy way to work on your posture and core.  (you can do it with two suitcases or a couple of cheap 5 gallon buckets.)
The slow motion part is very instructive but you have to pay close attention because the difference between the smooth and efficient movement and the forced, inefficient pattern is very small.
When it comes down to it, it’s all about become aware of your support (in this case it’s the 3 pillars of your feet) and pushing, or spiraling, away from it. 
Enjoy and share!


  1. Gardening is my passion and at age 84 I have not slowed down.Enjoying organic produce from my garden is a major delight,especially because it’s pest-free, large and lush. The secret? Watering the plants it exclusively with Structured Water! I bought a garden unit from The Wellness Enterprise so my “green babies” could also benefit from what I enjoy in the house–immersing myself in pure, safe H2O.
    My gratitude, Dr. Steve, for this lesson on how to save my back. Truth told, after heavy spading or lifting (like to turn compost), it’s complained a bit…

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