Earthing, Barefoot Walking, And Other Healing Lessons From Nature

Join our family (and my Dad) today on another adventure as we learn more awesome health lessons from the greatest teacher ever.

A walk through our property along Patoka River allows nature to make students of us again!

Come along with us and you’ll learn…

1.  How to “root and reach” for to prevent gravity from dragging you down.

2.  How to get age-reversing anti-oxidants from a rock

3.  Why barefooting like a Native American could give you the pain relief you’ve been looking for! 

4.  How to prevent falling (lessons from a tree)

5.  How to improve your balance with a downed log, a couple of sticks, and a youthful spirit.

Plus, I wanted you to check out some of the amazing health benefits of simply “grounding” yourself to the earth with this EARTHING RESEARCH!
Leave a comment and let me know what you think and tell me YOUR favorite part about nature!


  1. Monsanto would probably pay you some big bucks to use that land to develop some GMO seeds! Just kidding. Keep the land.

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