5 Ways (at least) To Keep Your Body Young, Healthy, and Hydrated (It’s ALL About WATER!)

Keep the water!

Keep the water! 5 Strategies in Video Episode Below.

Want to discover how to keep your cells and tissues of your body looking and feeling like young hydrated grapes instead of old and shriveled raisins? 

Yes?  OK…good, because that’s what today’s episode of Core Wellness TV is all about.

As I walk the running waterways from the field after a big rain at the farm, I share 5 or so strategies to keep your water on the inside of your cells (like a grape) instead of losing water to the outside of your cells (like a raisin).

Listen…when you can’t keep the water inside your cells, it leaks to the outside where it raises blood pressure, compresses blood vessels, pinches nerves, and makes it hard to get your rings off your fingers 🙂

Watching the water run off the field made it real.

It’s crazy how much soil health and human health depend on the same fundamental principles.

The last episode was all about the principle of diversity, and this episode is all about keeping WATER in the right place in the right amount.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or comments by hitting “reply” below this post.

Oh…I almost forgot,  I mentioned it in the video a couple of times, but what are we going to NAME the farm???

Watch this episode and let me know your ideas in the comments!



  1. Greeting from Galway, Ireland.
    I want to be grape like😉 thanks for the information.
    The waterways on your farm are lovely,
    They look natural and healthy. As for the name
    I’d encourage you to go for the 3Rs.. why limit it to 2💫
    Thank for the clip,
    Seasons Greetings,
    Marian Cleary

  2. I loved the music for your message. It really conveyed the joy you feel with your farm and I felt it. Thank you for the important information in such a concise way to remember. I have read much on cell structure and the receptors. This was truly “news you can use” and it will be easy to remember.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    I like the 3R

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