Lower Cross Syndrome Exercise For Back Pain Relief

lower cross syndrome exercise

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This stretching exercise for lower cross syndrome can be really powerful for low back pain.

Plus…by improving the flexibility in the front of your hips, it will allow you to use your glutes more effectively…which also will help take stress of your knees.

As a matter of fact, everything effects everything…Right??  (Answer yes!)

So just by opening up your hips with this move, you’ll be knocking out another brick from the wall of stress that keeps you from living your life to the fullest.

Enjoy and let me know how this feels, OK?

And if you want a complete organized system to help fix your posture, re-awaken your core, and take you body back in time, I’ve got that for you here.




  1. Dear Dr. Hoffman,
    I am greatful for your generously providing extremely valuable information. As I seek always to help my clients, I have been refering them to your website. Do you know of a free translation tool so that persons who’s primary language is Spanish may also benefit from your website. You have provided me with extememly valuable information, to improve overall physiological function.
    My Sincerest Thanks,
    Norma Alvarado Fritzinger L.M.T.
    Less Pain < More Gain
    Massage Therapy

  2. This sounds really good. I have had both hips and one knee replaced. I find my right side which I had the hip and the knee replaced feels very tight all the time. I have a hard time lifting my right leg to clear the chain guard on my bike. the front of my leg is very tight actually my whole right side feels tight. I can lift the leg in water but not on land. Just so you know my age is 77, but I am active and this is slowing me down. I love to hike and ride bikes.


  3. Hi Dr Steve!
    It’s been sometime since I checked in, but I’m so glad to be revisiting the great course that really turned my life around. I did module 2 today and was horrified how tight and ‘forward’ I’d become doing the very stretch you talked about here since I’d stopped practicing your exercises.
    My excuse? For a 2 years, I lived in the most cramped and noisy flat that I gave up on trying to find room to do any stretching or meditation at home and though I’d try and keep up the exercises at the gym or park though it wasn’t ideal. I also broke a wrist in 2014 and then in late 2014 I broke my ankle due to dancing to ABBA! 2015 was also full of other stresses that took over and I let everything I’d learnt drift away.
    But happy news! My husband and I bought our first home finally – and it’s got space, it’s quiet, and surrounded by nature (even though we’re still in London!). We moved in just before Christmas and in the last few weeks, I’ve been doing more and more stretching and exercises and I’m feeling great already. I’ve just set up part of the house to dedicate it to my foam roller, weights and mat and ‘Dr Steve’ is ready to be fired up on the computer, so it’s simple and easy to just do. My eating is better too – less stress, better food, more time and space and peace to exercise… I am one happy girl.
    It’s soooo refreshing and rewarding getting back into your course modules and watching your latest post. I’ve really missed it – more than I realised. Just want to say thank you for your inspiration once again. It’s so greatly appreciated.
    Hugs to you and Rebecca, Kristina

    • Great to hear you’re back in action, Kristina! Remember you can also use an HDMI cord to come out of your computer right into a HD ready TV. It makes it a lot nicer to consume.

      Congrats to you and your hubby on your home.

      See you inside the CWI course!

  4. I really appreciated the 1/2 screen diagrams of the joints and muscles you were talking about. Big improvement! Even though I usually thought I knew, this way I was certain. Thanks, Dr. Steve.

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