2 Damaging Lunge Mistakes And How To Fix Them


Since switching to a new gym from the YMCA, It’s been great to be immersed in a more youthful environment.

But what I don’t like is when youthful trainers don’t understand correct form and how to make sure people aren’t sacrificing health and safety in the name of fitness and weight loss.

In today’s episode of Core Wellness TV…I share my observations of a “20 something” training a “50 something” and putting him at risk with a lunge exercise.

And hey…don’t get me wrong…lunges are GREAT!

BUT…if you make the mistakes I share in this episode in the name of fat burning and fitness…you’re going to (eventually) be injured, frustrated, stressed, and packing back on the belly fat.

Please watch and get this movement right, OK?

Even if you’re not working out for fitness, doing this move correctly will help you avoid disc trouble and spinal degeneration.

Talk soon and have an AWESOME weekend!

Dr. Steve

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  1. Thank you so much for this! It is so helpful to see the subtle movements that we might be making that are harmful to our bodies over time. Protection and preservation are great words to think through the exercises I do. I’m not sure I’ve ever done lunges quite right.

    I would love a little “wake up with Dr. Hoffman” cheat sheet each morning to remind me to think through the proper body alignment as soon as my feet hit the floor! 🙂 It is amazing how the brain needs to rewire and stay engaged with the body. Thanks again for the genuine care that comes through in all of your teachings.

  2. Hi Dr. Steve,

    i agree with your explanation, however would’nt it be wise to strip the person involved from the weight on the shoulders?
    if you want to improve motor control with this 50+ ‘victim’ , i would like to see a perfectly relaxed posture, with good breathing patterns, so he or she has a realisticly better chance of improving the split squat or lunging pattern ?

    kind regards,

  3. Hi Dr Steve,

    Thank you so much for this, you really have clarified the correct movements,
    this is another one of your great instructive videos.


  4. Hello, Can’t thank you enough for the knowledge received. Your generosity has literally changed my life…
    Been following your videos about 3 years or so and benefited from time well spent. Wanted to share an idea one of your videos helped generate. {Using your exhale to realign the ribs & spine}

    I call this micro stretching….well my name is Mike.
    The technique requires guite abit of focus, body sense, and some effort, but the physical and mental rush a person gets is orgasmic. Really! Just try it
    1) Lay on your back, knees up, so the spine is flat on the ground. Remember to keep the back of your ribcage grounded. You can lengthen the lower back by pulling with the heels. You might want to do this before the stretch for maximising the total….effect
    2) Focus on the 2 lowest vertebra, now use your core muscles to force them apart. Now here’s where the effort comes in. Hold the stretch while adding the next vertebra higher. See where this is going? By the time you’ve included all the vertebra you’re swettin’
    I’ve never heard of anyone stretching this way. I can do it, but I think that’s because I have an unusually aware body sense. Have done this approximately 30 times now. If you are curious, I’ll be happy to share what’s changed. Yes, I am taller
    Thanks eh, will all ways be greatful

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