The “New Rules of Core Training” Hike Through The Woods


  1. Thanks for another wonderful video. Interesting thoughts on shoes. I don’t run anymore – too many miles on hard pavement, but do enjoy trail walking. Even on dirt or crushed rock, I can tell when its time for a new pair of shoes – my knees and both hips start barking at me. I cannot imagine converting to a pair of the minimal shoes you reference at 55 years old. I’ve never spoken to a single person over 50 who really had good, long-term results going with the shoes mentioned. Would love any further reference materials you have. Again – its not lack of foot support for me – never had any foot issues, its support to the ankles, shins, knees and hips. Thanks again.

    • Understood, Kent. Reawakening the foot for good intrinsic stability is a process. That’s why I suggested the “step down” approach in the video starting with a neutral or zero drop shoe and working toward more minimalist as you get stronger.

      Altra’s are a great place to start

    • I am 72 and, although I do not do heavy trail walking, I walk consistently and have converted over the last 18 months or so to shoes with less and less padding. So far so good, although I have a long way to go and am not without some aches and pains. I am seriously working on my posture and a myriad of imbalances, collected over a lifetime, and doing exercises to strengthen my feet and toes. I am a fan of Dr. Steve and am enrolled in his Core Wellness course.

      • Thanks Barbara…you’re a STAR student that’s taking advantage of everything that’s offered with the course.

        Also…you’re a smart woman going with a “step” approach to more minimal shoes as you re-activate and strengthen your foot and ankle area. It makes a huge difference all the way up the chain when you can allow more connection of your feet to the ground.

  2. Hi Dr Steve,

    We mostly walk in the commons and parks of London.
    I’ve never heard of the shoes you mention.
    Please email a link so that I can check them out.
    Loved this webinar, great reminder to stand tall.
    I have shared your webinar with friends.
    Many thanks

    • Hey Sarah, You can check out the link above in Kent’s comment as a good springboard into more minimalist footwear.

      Also just search minimal or zero drop as search terms and you’ll learn a lot more.

      I also recommend “correct toes” and the shoes they recommend on their site at

      • Thanks for the links,
        My brother has extremely high insteps and is having a terrible time with his feet,
        in pain and at times unable to walk.
        The podiatrist has recommended insoles which they are making for him.
        Do you believe he would benefit from the zero shoes?
        Many thanks

        • The movement section of the episode will help.

          Orthotics without “taking responsibility” for your feet can lead to trouble.

          They can be used as training wheels as you create lots of good mobility and stability in your feet through barefoot training and a shoe with a wide toe box. Check the Altra shoes link above.

          The blog post mentioned here has some other suggestions in the comments.

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