Organic Posture Correction with the “Push Away Phenomenon”


One of the complaints I hear all the time when people talk about their posture is…

“It HURTS when I sit (or stand) up straight!

Well, that’s because whenever you try to correct your posture, you’re still using your own dysfunctional movement programs to correct it!

You have an inborn, perfect organic posture pattern inside you that merely needs to be awakened with the right INTENTION or imagery.

All you did when you were a baby to evolve into your upright posture is “push away from your support points”. 

And now you just need to remember that and start the process of reprogramming your body for more efficient, strain free movement.

Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV will get you started.  The Core Wellness “Organic Posture Training Course” will take you all the way!  

Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if this “push away phenomenon” works for you or not!


  1. Thank you for helping me not get the dowager’s hump. I try to look younger than I am. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Thank you for many great advice! I have realy learned a lot:)

    In your Videos you are always talking about have to activate the “support points”.
    In song we also call it the same. We say that we have to use our supprt to keep back the air, and to controll the tune.
    So my question is: Is the “Support” that you are talking about simmular to the “Support ” in song?
    In my days of singing i have had a lot of problems and still have with my support. I have tried many differnt
    treatments and Song-teachers without any results. It`s realy frustrating!! I realy hope you´re advices and training videos can help me out here:)

    Ps! Sorry for my bad english!;)

  3. Thank you Dr.Steve, Rebecca, and your family, for sharing your wonderfulness.
    The push-away idea is so simple and it works. Nobody else makes good healthy posture seem so do-able.
    We’re looking forward to the whole MyoBalance video system when you release it.

  4. Thanks for keeping it simple, Doc! Your videos speak to my soul. 🙂

    Hope I can afford that course now you’ve gone and got me so darn excited about it!!

    I’ve wondered about Daniel’s comment too. The abdominal support I feel when doing your pushing away moves feels very much like the support they teach you in singing lessons. In my case I learned to hold a chair above my head, as if I’m about to throw it, to activate the support and then start singing.


    • It’s one and the same support system. The difference is in the way we activate it so it stays on all the time for all the movements of your life!

      I’m in the process of deciding how to reduce the price from the thousands my private clients pay. My goal is to make it affordable for anyone who feels the call!

  5. In baby back, or whenever you’re ‘bracing’ the core, is it important to let your belly be big? i.e. not sinching down the abs too much and Pushing the breath out into the abs (and back) before you tighten them.

  6. It’s all about posture. Nothing better than being reminded about that when sitting at the computer. Thank you!
    Hope you had a great time in WV.

  7. I have never been more aware of my posture and push away points than I am now! This morning when I did my daily walk I found my support points and began. As I walked I occasionally paused and did the bankers pose. When I felt I was slumping a bit I checked my support points. The headache and thoracic pain I woke up with subsided and I felt so good! Thanks for teaching!

  8. Hello Dr. Steve, thank you for showing the ”push away phenomenon”. It really helps me to improve my posture significantly. I will practice according to your video continuously. Thank you.

  9. Hi Dr. Steve. I am very interested in working with your method, as someone who as been working with DNS therapists for a while. They seem quite compatible! My question is — what do you mean by “push away” from your support points? I am familiar with my support points from yoga. But in pushing away when standing, do you mean push “up and away” from the 3 pillars of the feet? (or as my yoga teacher says, “the ball mounts”? — Thanks for your insight and videos — Janise

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