2 Common Movement Mistakes That Cause Neck and Back Pain

As I was rolling some thick primer onto our concrete block garage to create a new set / backdrop for future videos, I found myself making a couple of movement mistakes that were leading to some overload in my neck, shoulder, and back.

So I had Rebecca grab the camera real quick to go over the mistakes and how to fix them so you don’t make the same mistakes I did!

Plus…you’ll see a couple of the critters we stirred up during the restoration project…YIKES!  Enjoy and leave any comments or questions you have below.

P.S.  Never heard of the important “front support zone” I talk about in this video?  Then you should definitely check this out.


  1. Thank you I have problems with my shoulder. Almost had it operated on and still have pain and loss of range of motion. The movement as if painting helps both my shoulders .

    • You’re exactly right, Peter! But then I wouldn’t have been challenged and I wouldn’t have an episode 🙂 But even with an extension the same rules apply. Make the “break” high in your mid back and not your low back and keep the front of your rib cage engaged.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Put some paint on that roller!!!!

    I paid for your course but still am confused on how 2 start and what a daily/weekly workout should be!! I think my forward posture has gotten better but not thru an organized effort.

    • Indeed Jeff! The roll was dry when I thought to tell Reb to record. Another great ergonomic tip that has nothing to do with your movement and posture. Thanks for that. Your body has to work harder when the tools are not set up right.

      Regarding the CWI course consumption strategy…it’s designed to get through all the exercise modules within 6 to 12 weeks then use the module 6 flow series as a go to routine.

      Check the link on “How to consume the course” at the top of module one for more help.


  3. Thanks, Steve. This is a good reminder to me…..in keeping my shoulders down! I sincerely do make a conscious effort and pay attention when I lift things!

  4. How can I correct the curve in my neck? I have had several whiplashes and x-rays at chiropractor show my neck is curving wrong way and 2 vertabrae are fused.

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