How To Stretch Your Pecs and Reverse Your Biological Age

There’s something about being barefoot in my lettuce patch that allows good content to flow for you.

Today is a full “3 Pillars” episode of Core Wellness TV from the fall garden where you’ll discover…
  • The future of dentistry and fixing jaw problems (and what I’m going to reveal to 80 or so dentists in November.)
  • The most common mistake to avoid when you stretch your pecs to open your chest. (the secret’s in your shoulder blade)
  • An extremely effective and simple stretch for carpal tunnel and tingling down the arm. (do it along with me…you’ll feel the difference)
  • What a dog sounds like when they want back in the house 🙂
  • “The myth of aging” and why it hit close to home for me lately.
  • How to reverse the biological age of your cells with just ONE special plant.  ( IS possible!)
It’s short and sweet and full of actionable steps to stay young, strong, and open!
And please excuse my eating and talking at the same time.  I just can’t get enough of that age reversing plant:-)
Funny side note…I got a YouTube comment a couple of days ago that said, “Put some shoes on hippy!”
It made my day.  I encourage everyone to spend time barefoot and soak up good input and good energy from the earth.
If that makes me a happy, I’m proud of it:-)
See you in the garden,
Dr. Steve
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  1. Hello Dr. Steve,

    must admit that i admire your work, knowledge and attitude.

    you REALLY have style, no matter what you wear.

    thank you so much!

    (btw, meanwhile i try to refuse to read user comments, youtube or elsewhere, as there is just so much plain frustration lurking. people that never go offline got nothing positive to say…)

  2. Excited you are speaking at the Southern Indiana Dental Association meeting November 8. I believe that the drs and hygienists are going to learn a lot from you that will help them immediately. In dentistry working on patients and for those staff members that sit at a computer all day long, we develop stress and tightness in our necks, shoulders, backs
    and other areas. Being educated about our bodies, skeletal-muscle groups, and being show exercises we can do will be extremely helpful. I don’t believe we have ever had a speaker talk about these issues, so we are really excited!

    J. Michael Williams DMD
    President SIDA 2016

  3. Hi Steve,
    Your comment about one thing (hurting knees) can be caused by something else (hip injury) reminded me of back in my college days when I was an avid bicyclist. At one point my knees started to ache, and kept getting worse. Long story short, I had worked on my bike and the seat had ended up 1/4″ too low. One-quarter inch! Just enough that the odd stress on my knees caused pain. Raised the seat to the old position, and Viola! Pain was gone.

    Thanks for the pec stretch demo. I’ve been doing it wrong… until now.


  4. When will your next discount be? I am sorry I missed this last one because I think your program could really help me. Until then I will continue to follow you and watch your YouTube videos! Thanks again 🙂

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